Worried LPN will be phased out, please help rase my mind if possible.

  1. I am hearing a lot of rumors circulating that LPN will be phased out. I understand they don't have a good chance getting hired on at a hospital without years of experience, but I would like to work in long term care after I graduate in 1.5 years. I start January 2013.

    I feel that LTC will hire many LPN's and just enough RN's to keep the place looking good. LPN to hire will be paid less than an RN so it saves the facility a bit of money I feel, in the long run. There is always the why hire an LPN when I can hire an RN but why wouldn't you hire an LPN? As long as an rn is in the building, you can have as many under paid LPN's as you would like! Right?!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    It seems to depend on where you are.I am in Canada and opportunities for PNs in hospitals in Ontario are plenty.Our scope is expanding and they seem to be hiring PNs in the place of RNs on some units.
  4. by   Compassion_x
    I don't think they'll be phased out especially in nursing homes. And there aren't enough RNs around to take the places of LPNs everywhere (mostly LTCs where they don't want to hire as many RNs as LPNs usually). If you want to work in LTC as an LPN you shouldn't have too many issues getting hired somewhere, depending on area of course.
  5. by   marycarney
    When I was in LPN school, we were also told 'they' were phasing out LPNs.

    That was 1976. 'They' were wrong.
  6. by   okguy
    same rumor been around 20 years running in my state.

    If they got rid of LPN; the cost of senior care would go thru the roof. There is a downside to this; as LPN you are kinda stuck (at least I felt I was). If I take just about any other job; it is a cut in pay, a cut in status, and basically relegating me to a fancy nurse tech.

    Now for the fun part; Im not much one to tell you not to worry; I got laid off of my first LPN job. State cutbacks on medicare, and i was the junior LPN on the list. There were plenty who got laid off too.

    Cool part about that though is I was in the maternity portion of LPN-RN program, and it was very demanding to survive. So it was a blessing in disguise (unemployment).
  7. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    That rumor has been going around for over 20 years I highly doubt it that LPN's will get phased out just like that. They are getting phased out in the hospital settings but I doubt they will do that for home health care, LTC, nursing and rehabilitation centers, etc., I don't plan on staying an LPN for long the day that I pass my boards I will be signing up to complete my RN online.
  8. by   prettymica
    I am not sure where you are from, but I just checked my state board of nursing and we have 36,000 licensed LPNs. I don't think LPNs are going anywhere anytime soon. I also heard that four years ago, before I became an LPN. Good Luck to you.
  9. by   shamrokks
    You will always be able to find a job as a LPN, especially after you have experience. It may be a doctor's office setting, a clinic, LTC, SNF and some hospitals but you will find work. With experience you get more pay. Your salary might top out at some point and you will always probably end up making less than a RN but that's how it is with degrees as you advance usually so it's to be expected. Several students that I went to school with got hired on at hospitals in the Tampa Bay Florida area as LPN's doing bedside care. Anything is possible so don't let all of the rumors you will hear throughout your nursing school path get you down. Just stay focused and do what is best for you.
  10. by   motorcyclenurse
    They've been saying LPNs/LVNs will be phased out for about 20years now...the need for nurses are growing...if it ever happens I dont think it'll be in our career lifetimes--Hospitals in MA (with exception to small community hospitals) are only hiring RNs but there are so many other settings!
  11. by   kkostelnikPN
    In my area (indiana) LPN's do not get hired in hospitals at all no matter how much experience you have. There are LPN's currently working in hospitals that were grandfathered in which they would unfortunately like to phase out. BUT I do not believe that LPN's will ever be phased out of LTC. Also in my area that is basically the only place an LPN can get a job now. and the LTC facilities are mainly all LPNs and few RN's. I would not worry at all about being able to find a job in LTC as an LPN. I just graduated from the PN program and I am currently waiting to take boards. I have been a CNA for 4 years and have worked in LTC and med/surg!
  12. by   kkostelnikPN
    Also in my area and I think many other places they are phasing out ASN's from the hospitals also, they only will hire BSN's here in hospitals. So like myself, I advise you to go on for higher education!! I am doing an ASN program (hopefully in June, I have to get my license before feb 1st to apply... still waiting for my ATT) and after that I am planning to do an online ASN-BSN program!