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Where are your clinicals?

  1. 0 I spoke to someone at a school today about their lpn program and I asked about their clinical sites. They said they're mostly in nursing homes. Now I know in most areas lpn's are mainly employed in ltc facilities, but I was under the impression that lpn programs had clinicals at hospitals too. Was I wrong? where were your clinicals located? Is that a sign of a bad program?
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    I'm Canadian so I know my program is different from yours but yes we have clinicals at the hospital as well as ltc. I'm lucky in that our ltc clinicals are held at the facility I work in right now.
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    Our first two sites are the VA and a long term care facility. After the summer break, we come back in the fall and the sites are at the hospital until the end of the course.
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    Tomorrows my first day of clinicals. We're going to a nursing home / assisted living facility. I'm in block 1.

    Next block I believe we still do nursing homes. And block 3 for peds, we go to the hospital.
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    First semester in my program you do LTC second semester you do hospitals and clinics. You get to see the OR, ER, maternity/peds, ICU, even PT and different clinics.
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    Quote from I♥Scrubs
    First semester in my program you do LTC second semester you do hospitals and clinics. You get to see the OR, ER, maternity/peds, ICU, even PT and different clinics.
    Yeah. I believe it's the same at my school.
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    First semester is nursing homes and such. The rest is hospital.
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    The majority of our clinicals were at various nursing homes. I did spend one set of clinicals at a trach/vent LTC facility. We did do maternity and psych at the hospital on those specific units. We also had to do a dialysis clinical at one of the out patient hemodialysis clinics as well as community nursing (which we spend a few days with the local visiting nurse of the hospital). If we had done all our require things in our last semester we were rotated out to the hospital and were able to spend time and observe the OR, hospital CHF clinic. I was able to do the GI clinic as well as doing some of our clinical time on the med/surg floor of one of the hospitals. But all in all the majority of clinical time was spent in the nursing home. I don't find it unusual.
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    We did our first semester in a nursing home, our second semester on one of the med/surg floors in the hospital, and third semester we did floor work along with specialty areas in the hospital and community setting.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wasn't sure and I almost ruled the school out. I want to go somewhere with good clinical sites.
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    My school did do clinicals at a hospital last year but they stopped because they said lpn's arent there anymore. We do majority of our clinicals at LTC and nursing homes as well as a few daycares for the mentally ill children.
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    Mine were LTC, hospitals, mental health and community care.
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    We do ours at the city hospitals