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  1. peppapig123

    Should I retake cna course?

    Hello. Last March I took an STNA course (what CNA's in Ohio are called.) I worked for 4 months and then I had to take the test. I have not attempted it at all. Should I take the test or retake the course since its almost been a year? I still watch skills videos and have my study material. Just worried I guess because I haven't actually performed the skills in a while.
  2. peppapig123

    Why I Quit MA school

    So the last time I was on here I was working towards my pre-reqs for nursing at a community college. Well life happened. I got a full time job, had another baby and ended up in a 7 month MA program. I was skeptical from the start because I've heard how hard it was to find a job...well I let my friend and admissions talk me into it, and I started 3 weeks later. From the beginning I had doubts. The students thought they were basically going to be nurses and the instructors didn't make it any better. They kept saying we were going to take the nurses jobs, and we could do everything a nurse could do.....how could that be when i got half way through the program and we hadn't even started doing things an MA could do?? All of our work came from two books for the whole program. It was all very basic......basic math and english.....very basic anatomy. I was doing very well....but the cost, time (m-f 9-4) just made me not want to do it any more. I was not satisfied. I was tired of spelling tests and other random things to keep us busy. I thought it would be more hands on. And it just wasn't worth 12k. So here I am, back to square one. I thought it would be a quick way to enter the health care field. I still want to be a nurse so I guess I better pick back up on my pre-reqs. I just needed to vent. Ugh.
  3. I don't find the ad offensive, but I just saw one or two comments on here that I found offensive. Maybe its just me...
  4. peppapig123

    University of Toledo BSN program

    Just wondering if anybody here is attending or has attended UT's bsn program. Is it hard to get into? What was the admissions process like?
  5. peppapig123

    Where are your clinicals?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wasn't sure and I almost ruled the school out. I want to go somewhere with good clinical sites.
  6. peppapig123

    Where are your clinicals?

    I spoke to someone at a school today about their lpn program and I asked about their clinical sites. They said they're mostly in nursing homes. Now I know in most areas lpn's are mainly employed in ltc facilities, but I was under the impression that lpn programs had clinicals at hospitals too. Was I wrong? where were your clinicals located? Is that a sign of a bad program?
  7. Ok, I'm having trouble in psychology. This is my second time taking it. I know this is supposed to be an easy class, but its not for me. My school says a class can't be taken more than twice. I'm guessing this includes withdrawals. I dropped it the first time. I just don't know what to do. The semester isn't over til December. Do I drop, or risk getting a bad grade? Either way, I won't be able to apply to the lpn or rn program. I feel so horrible now. I'll never be a nurse if I don't pass
  8. peppapig123

    So you want to be a nurse...

    I loved it! Sometimes I wonder if nursing is for me, or if I can do it. This just gave me the encouragement I needed. Thanks for sharing.
  9. peppapig123

    I can do it!

    Intro to biochem, psychology, english 2, and intermediate algebra. I hate math though
  10. peppapig123

    I can do it!

    I am taking my prereqs right now. My ultimate goal is a BSN, but I wanted to do lpn to see if nursing is what I really want. Some people have been discouraging though, so I'm not sure what program I want to apply to.
  11. peppapig123

    Medical Assistant to RN

    If you don't want to give up on being an MA, (which I think is what you're saying) then don't, unless you do as others have said and look for a different school that offers an evening program. Which still might not work because some evening programs still start around 3pm. So you choose, nursing school or working as an MA. Depending on where you're located, you might not even have a job schedule to worry about. I hear its tough for MA's to find work
  12. peppapig123

    Organic and Biochemistry?

    Intro to bichemistry is a pre-req for my CC's nursing program. We're going to cover organic, inorganic +& biochem. I had my 1st class today, it seems as if as long as you study +& read the material, +& don't miss any labs it'll be fine.
  13. peppapig123

    I did it and its so clear now

    I agree with Sopranokris. 53k is A LOT for an adn program, and nobody is guaranteed a job when they finish school. It can take up to a year or more for some new grads to find a job. Loans kick in after 6 months or so. I know how it is to want to make money soon. I have a car payment and a daughter. There is a bryant +& stratton +& ITT tech near me, and I could start right away. But, i'd rather not be in debt, +& know my credits will transfer so I can get my BSN later.
  14. peppapig123

    How Far do you want to go in your Nursing Education?

    Everyone wants to be a nurse practitioner....I'll be happy with just my BSN. I hate school....lol.
  15. peppapig123

    I Don't Know How To Study :(

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I really like the dry erase board idea, I'm gonna buy one :) I also liked the idea of recording lectures. Where can I buy a recorder? About how much do they cost?