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Hello, I just began my LPN program this month, I've gone to college for 3 years and that was so easy compared to my first two weeks in nursing school! I've heard that its only going to get... Read More

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    Pagendiva2000 hit it on the head. I just completed my first semester of LVN school. The first week maybe 2 I was surprised because it didn't affect my life as much as I thought it was going to. The 4th and 5th week was brewakdown period. I was freaking out. we were having 2-3tests per week and still expected to read it ahead. Not only that I have a husband at home 3 boys and a parttime job that I work on fri and sat nights. What was I thinking?

    But I hit that 7th-8th week running full speed ahead no time to think about things anymore. Tests were coming if I wanted them to or not and the nice thing is you don't have to memeorize just know your material read read read is all I have to say. Get organized early and stay that way. It makes things alot easier. I am going to start my fall semester on monday and I just picked up my books and I am very nerrvous that was alot of books. We'll see what happens but I am determined to finish we all can.

    I also think it is very important to find a stress reliever. I have not found one yet for me but my last few weeks I would treat myself to 2-3 beers if I did well on a test, but with this semester I don't think I will be able to do that I will have to find something else. We tried to do buddy's but it is so hard to study together unless you both have read equally you have to read first so somethings were just easier to do on my own. Good luck Don't stress so soon I think you make it worse.

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    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement! Its really helped, especially during this past week. I think just getting adjusted to the new and rigerous program came over me like a wave. Your insights and suggestions will definately be put into account. thankyou again.

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    mystical, I know you can do it. I graduated from LVN school 2 weeks ago and I never thought I'd get there. This past year was the most hellacious and wonderful year of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Sometime soon, you're going to have one of those "lightbulb" moments when something you're studying is going to click. When that happens, you'll know you're doing the right thing. Good luck to you and I promise it will get better.
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    I just finished LPN school and felt lost for the first two semesters. The thrid semester everything just kinda fell into place. Memorizing keywords helps alot, that is one of the things our instructors taught us. Just took my state boards and passed and its is the little things like keywords that brought me through. Also i had recieved an associates degree in human services and a certificate in substance abuse counseling, which was a breeze. Hang in there it will allfall into place soon!!

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