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  1. EvinsAngel

    NLN Exit Exams vs. NCLEX?

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone who has taken the NLN exit exams and already taken the NCLEX could tell me how they compare. From what I understand the NLN exit exams are supposed to be predictors of how you will do on the NCLEX. As a requirement of my program we had to take the NLN Pharmacology and the one that had everything on it. I scored in the 90th percentile on both. But I guess what I'm really wondering is...how do the questions compare? Are they similar in format and difficulty? Thanks for any input.
  2. EvinsAngel

    new on forum and need help in north carolina!!!

    Hi ekirkpat. I'm in almost the same boat as you. I recently graduated from a PN program in NY and I'll be relocating to NC as soon as I pass the NCLEX (positive thinking) :wink2: . Here's how I'VE been handling it...I'm going to sit for the NCLEX-PN while still in NYC (but I'll be taking it for NC). While I'm waiting to test I've researched via internet and word of mouth all the hospitals and facilities in the area that we'll be moving to. I've also sent intro cover letters and resumes to the facilities that interest me most and I intend to follow up with phone calls in the near future. I'll be taking a trip to the area to visit and possibly have some interviews the end of the month. I would suggest that you do the same if it will be possible. But, DEFINITELY research the area hospitals first. See what interests you and call and/or send your resume to as many as possible. Also, if you already know someone in the area ask them to scan the local newspapers for you. That's also a big help.
  3. Hi everybody and Happy Labor Day! I'm just curious...how long did it take between graduation and actually sitting for your NCLEX? I graduate from my LPN program on September 28th :mortarboard: ...FINALLY!!!!! I'll have all of my requirements (nothing to make up) and I want to take the NCLEX asap. I know it mainly depends on how long it takes my school to send in the paperwork, but I just wanted to get an idea of how long it took you guys who wanted to schedule right away. (I'm in NYC if that makes a difference). Thanks in advance.
  4. EvinsAngel

    New LPN student needing advice!

    :welcome: to the wonderful world of nursing school . I can totally relate to all you're saying. I graduate from my LPN program in 4 weeks and all I can say is that it's been like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. We started out with a class of about 34...we have 13 graduating. I graduated from college (with honors) and I can tell you I didn't study or put half as much effort into it. It's a commitment and it can be harsh. I was fortunate to have GREAT instructors and a very supportive husband. Six months into the program my mom passed away and I didn't think I'd be able to get through that let alone LPN school...but I finally see the light. In the beginning there are the tests and quizzes CONSTANTLY. And in the case of my program they were never ending. My best advice is to prioritize and stay focused as best as possible. There is a light and it's all worth it when it's over. You'll learn things about yourself and you'll find that you have the strength to do things you never thought possible. I wish you the best and if you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to PM me.
  5. EvinsAngel

    Anybody here still in the LPN program??

    Hello. Yes, I am currently finishing up in my LPN program...graduation is September . I plan to begin pursuing my RN through Excelsior in October or November. The major advice that I've been given is to make a time table, stick to it, and stay organized. Hope that's at least somewhat helpful.
  6. EvinsAngel

    Any PN students here?....

    Congratulations to everyone finishing up AND to everyone that's starting out. I have exactly 4 months to go...they just gacve us our graduation date...September 28, 2006 :mortarboard: . I can't wait. Eka69...I can totally relate...my class is so divided...there's this CRAZY competition and sometimes people get really nasty. It's crazy, but fortunately that will all be over soon. I'm so happy I'll be able to make more money when this is all over. I've worked part-time for the duration of this program and hubby has been EXTREMELY supportive but I know he'll be very happy to have some more help . And WastedEnoughTime...it's going to go by SOOO quickly for you and I KNOW you will be fine :).
  7. EvinsAngel

    LPN jobs in Charlotte?

  8. EvinsAngel

    LPN jobs in Charlotte?

    Hi everyone. I'll be graduating from my LPN program in late September and we'll be relocating to the Charlotte area at the start of the new Year. Can anyone tell me where the LPN opportunities are and what the pay scale is? Thanks in advance. :)
  9. Hi SuperMo. I'll be relocating to the Charlotte area at the start of the new year. I finish my LPN in September and I was wondering if you could tell me where the LPN jobs in and around Charlotte are. Thanks for your help.
  10. EvinsAngel

    Any PN students here?....

    Hi all. PN student here! Four months left of an 18 month program and I can not wait for it to be over. It's been a looong journey...literally. My commute is about 70 miles round trip and I live in NYC so by the time you factor in traffic and gas...Sheeesh!!! As for Pharm...my whole class was extremely fearful of it...especially when we found out that beginnining with OUR class the math portion would be self taught...Yikes!!! Fortunately, it worked out very well and I surprised myself...I got an A overall. So to all of you that are worried about Pharm...it CAN be done...I used to be a TERRIBLE math student. The toughest thing is probably memorizing the calculations and conversions, but again...it CAN be done. WastedTooMuchTime...we'll be neighbors soon. We're relocating to NC at the beginning of next year :-). Good luck to everyone starting, continuing, and finishing.
  11. EvinsAngel


    Thank you so much for your reply. That's basically what I thought, but I didn't want to assume.
  12. EvinsAngel


    Hi everyone. I've been researching various potential employers and I've come across positions that are listed as self-scheduling." For example...Acute Care nurse-7am-7pm-Self scheduling. What is this? I hate to seem so clueless, but I've never heard of this before.
  13. EvinsAngel

    IV certification courses?

    Hi. Does anyone know of any IV certification courses in the NYC/Long Island area?
  14. EvinsAngel

    Need LPN school in the evenings/Afternoon

    Try Western Suffolk BOCES in Northport, Long Island. It's about 1 hr. 15 mins from NYC.
  15. EvinsAngel

    Giving Report?

    Hi everyone. I need a little help. We've just begun our second round of clinical rotations. This time around we're supposed to practice giving report on our patient (written). It seems that I always leave something out or put it in the wrong order. Does anyone have any suggestions or possibly a format that I could follow so that I don't leave anything out? Thanks for your help.
  16. EvinsAngel

    Excelsior College

    Thank you, KiyasMom and congratulations. I'm aware that I'll have to actually enroll before I can take NC 3-6 and I'll definitely do that. I'm just delaying enrollment because as of now I'm still an LPN student but I want to take the pre-reqs...A&P, micro, etc. I will definitely look into possibly having NC 1 waived once I've completed my program...September '06 ...I'm so excited :). P.S...which NCLEX-RN book would you recommend? I have Saunder's for the NCLEX-PN but I've found that Mosby's is better.