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  1. SweetMelissa

    HESI accurate predictor for NCLEX??

    I don't think I want to know the answer to that question. I took my HESI on April 20th and had to have a 730 to pass, I got an 850. I have heard people have said the HESI was more difficult than the NCLEX. I test June 15th I should be studying right now.
  2. SweetMelissa

    Ohio. . . Where are you from?

    I'm originally from Fairborn, married and moved to Carlisle (Warren CO.) going for my LPN. I'm half way finished with 2 of 3 terms at RETS tech. Trying to decide where to go from graduation. LPN - BSN at Indiana State?? Any thoughts?
  3. SweetMelissa

    LPN Tuition-how much did you pay?

    You guys don't know how crazy I am to be paying $18,000 for LPN school. It's a 12 mo program in Dayton, OH. They have an RN fast track program that was $18,000 as well. It has since gone up to $22,000. I gradaute in April '07. Not sure where I want to take my RN course work there and if the fast track 12mo programs is worth the high cost....
  4. SweetMelissa

    New LPN student needing advice!

    Flash cards worked best for me in studying. I start Term II after Labor Day. We had atleast 2-3 tests a week, usually more. Our finals were completed in 2 days, four each day. What I cannot stress enough is to form study groups soon with your classmates. They are there with you when you are in class, they take the same notes, and sometimes they will pick up what you didn't hear. Buy a digital tape recorder also if you can. These save money on buying tapes all the time. Also, I am working every weekend to not have to work during the week. This helps me to put all my focus on school during the week. Hang in there and goodluck!
  5. SweetMelissa

    No jobs for LPN graduates anymore?

    I know exactly what you are talking about. There are roughly 82 of us in our 1st term of LPN school. Most of them talk about going to work in labor/delivery, or do travel nursing right away. I am kind of "wishful thinking" as far as working in a hospital. I have been working as a nursing assistant at a local hospital for 4years next month. I was told by my nurse manager that if the job was available when I graduate, it was mine. I looked last week for LPN job postings across the network consisting of 4 hospitals and 1 ECF and was disappointed to only find 3 positions available, all at the ECF for night shift. I'm not too discouraged because I live in the middle of Dayton and Cincinnati and I have 9 months before I graduate. Anyone in a similar boat??
  6. SweetMelissa

    Thinking about LPN instead of Rn now.

    Hi. The LPN being phased out comment is not necessarily true everywhere. It depends on where you live. In OHIO, LPN's are far from being phased out. We have a total of 5 on our ortho unit alone. If you can stick it out, try to complete the RN program. I am taking the LPN to RN route. Good luck to you!
  7. SweetMelissa

    Any PN students here?....

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! There has been two piles of laundry in our bedroom since school started. Some is clean some is dirty. Tomorrow night I am going to try and wash all of them before I have to work the weekend. Does anyone else work Sat/Sun 12 hour shifts? I wish I didn't have to work. I don't want my husband to have to get a 2nd job though. Today I had a test in pain mgmt and vitals. Vitals are no problem being an NA, the pain mgmt part I missed a ques. on differentiating chronic and intractable pain, forgot it stated he was a pt. undergoing therapy. Our school has the RN fast track program for 12 mo. Does anyone plan on going straight into an RN program? I am pleased with my school. We have a new nursing addition to the college as well as an LRC. It's not like Sinclair with the nice cafe, but it will do. I have made several new friends and found an old classmate from GCCC is in my class also. Have a good Friday. The weekend is almost here, more studying to be done! Melissa
  8. SweetMelissa

    Roll call for L.P.N. students starting in April 06!!

    Hi from Dayton, OH. I just started the LPN program April 24th. I am in a 12 month program (days) Any words of wisdom and coaching along the way is much appreciated. We always need confidance for success! Good Luck to all!
  9. SweetMelissa

    Any PN students here?....

    I am an LPN student in my fourth week of classes in Dayton, OH. I started last month and will graduate April 2007. Any suggestions on how to study, work, and keep a happy marriage as a newlywed?? We're trying to be a team, my husband and I. He helps with dinner, cleaning, and yardwork so that I can study. I still do the laundry :)