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    I'm still doing my Pre-Practical nursing prerequisites. I'm just curious to hear from different people what course they found to be the hardest and why? I'm not scared about the a&p or even the pharmacology, even though I know they will be hard. For some reason learning to take vitals signs seems to me like it's going to be crazy hard?! Maybe because I know nothing about how to do it, but it scares me that I won't "get it".

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    A&P challenged me. Med/surg was also a challenge.

    Even though I graduated from an LVN/LPN program way back in 2005, I still do not know how to perform many clinical skills. I'm horrible at starting IVs, have never inserted a NG tube, and my basic assessment skills need honing.
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    Hi, Im starting my program this month so I can't comment on which coarse is the hardest, but I'm opposite of you! I'm nervous about pharm., & a&p but not vitals & assessments. I have yrs of experience in ems tho.. Anyways, vitals aren't hard at all! The best is to practise on your family,friends and students. The more bp's ya take the more comfortable you'll feel, respiratory & heart rate is just counting # per minute, or seconds & multiply. You'll be able to do 'em in your sleep . (A hint tho I've seen happen in the field) When doing a manual bp there is No odd numbers for a blood pressure, always even #'s. Just practise, you'll do great!!
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    Vitals are not as hard as you think they would be. listen to your instructor and she/he will allow you to practice as much as needed. However A&P has been my hardest class so far, but I hear that med surge is very difficult. Good luck and keep your head up and I am sure you will do fine.
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    Most people find fundamentals of nursing hard because of the critical thinking required to answer Nursing questions.
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    Med/surg. Sooo much to remember! (And I don't think I have ever used any of it)
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    Agreed. Med-Surg, hands down! Required a new way of thinking that I was not used to.
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    I'm in my first semester. Foundations/pharm is difficult. Next semester I have Med/surg which I hear is very hard.
    Vitals is simple after you get used to doing them. They will become 2nd nature.
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    Hi, so far I would have to say my current class Med-Surg. What is so hard this semester is not as much the material, but the amount of material we are expected to cover. In Foundations, we had 2 weeks between exams and it covered more material, that to me is preferable to us have a test every Monday. We have a bit more work thrown at us for clinical this time around as well. I feel like Im working 7 days a week full time and never get a break. Every weekend there is work to do. The schedule is unreasonable imho. It would be better to have a couple of more months to the program and take a much needed break between classes. Nothing can go wrong in your life or it could cause a failure. Good luck, make sure you have all your ducks in a row before the program starts.
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    My most difficult course was actually OB! I had a very card core instructor. It was also in the summer (3rd semester) so we learned tons of information in a short time. She gave very difficult exams and expected alot in l&d/pp clinicals. It weeded out 7 other students. Glad I survived OB!

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