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  1. ronda919

    Arizona College School of Nursing

    Hi, did you start attending Arizona college? If so, how do you like it? Thanks
  2. ronda919

    Arizona College

    Thanks for your input. I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. I have read similar stories, that they will dismiss you from the program with no cause. One woman told me the clinical portion is a subjective pass or fail, and it's basically determined by if the instructor likes you or not. I really wanted to go here because it's cut in dry, start the program w/o all the waiting like other local programs. But I don't want to risk losing a lot of money for courses that won't even transfer. Thanks again!
  3. ronda919

    Arizona College

    I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the Arizona College Las Vegas campus. I recently met with an advisor, and I'm really interested in the program, but hesitant. I know they recently obtained CCNE accreditation but I've read conflicting reviews. I have pre-reqs from CSN that they will accept, which will lower the over all cost of the program. Any insight on this program will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 😃
  4. ronda919

    Length of time after a fall to chart?

    I work in LTC, starting corrections next week though. (Partly bc of all the charting....) Anyway, like others have posted, staying, and charting would have been the best thing to do. I spend almost everynight staying after work to do the dreaded charting! I would love to just clock out and go home, but with your license there's so much that could go wrong. We use computer charting, and if you do a late entry the exact date and time you write it automatically shows up, that's a lawyers dream if the case went to court. Then u have the issue of everyone charting behind you. But its ok, just use this as a learning experience,
  5. ronda919

    LPN in County Jails

    Thanks, and Congrats to u too!!!! July 31st will be here before you know it!!!! I went to Ecpi in charlotte.
  6. ronda919

    5 twelve hour shifts in a row?? Is it safe??

    I definitely think it is not safe. I had to do a evidence based paper in school, and this is the subject that I chose, 12 hr shifts in healthcare. In my research i found that hospitals, and insurance companies know they're not safe, but its so convenient for the staff, and the company that they keep them. I found out that a majority of med-errors, including pt deaths were the result of over-worked nurses, on there THIRD long shift. It's easy to say just get rest, but if you have a family, or other obligations, it may be hard for you to get the proper amount of rest. U have to add your time to get to work, get home, settle down before falling asleep, and any thing else you may have to do. This takes away from.valuable sleeping time
  7. ronda919

    LPN in County Jails

    Hi!!! They do hire new grads in corrections, I passed the boards this past January, I was just hired at a local jail!!! I'm super excited, if you do a search on this sure for "new grad, corrections" you will see there are a lot of us that have landed a job in corrections. I see on your profile your in Gastonia, one of my classmates was hired at the Gaston county jail about a month after we passed the boards, I'm sure you'll be able to get in!!! When do u graduate? Good luck!!!! :)
  8. ronda919

    New job, im excited, but he's not!!!

    Thanks, that's what I'm thinking, if I don't ill always be thinking what if...... Thanks for the site, I'm gonna check it out now!!!
  9. ronda919

    New job, im excited, but he's not!!!

    Thanks Ashley-picu Rn, and ticklemern, I do plan on following all procedures, and protocols. This is the job I have wanted since graduation, I just think its right for me. My mom went to the prison system right out of school, and retired from it. The benefits, schedule, just seem perfect for me. Thanks again!!!!!
  10. ronda919

    New job, im excited, but he's not!!!

    So far I have one change this will be my second. My very first job was basically working as a cna, at a Oncology clinic I just took vs, and sent the Dr. In, the RN's did all the chemotherapy etc, it was more of a position change, when I received my Lpn, but in the major hospital system here Lpn's are basically useless. This is the only job I received after what seemed like thousands of apps, but it was a catch 22, they hired me, bit I still wasn't getting the Lpn experience everyone wants. The only Lpn jobs are called "clinical.assistant" which I did at the clinic. I have been with this company for years, I'm still there prn. So being I had my licence I had no desire to stay at the clinic, although I love the company. I found a job with the NH, (first company.change) I thought this would be great bc most of my years working as a cna were spent in the nursing home, but its not the same now. As a cna I actually had time to talk to my residents, not just give em some pills, a quick assessment, n out the door I go. My DON, absolutely loves me, n says she would hire another new grad in a heartbeat because of how well I've done, documenting, and assessment skills have been stellar. I have found a few things wrong with my patients that other nurses have not, including a broken arm, and pneumonia. There are lots of new grads being hired in corrections, have you not seen them? She actually wanted to hire me because I have excellent references to my abilities, and a very stable work history. I have worked in healthcare for entire adult life, and held a total of 3 different jobs, well companies. As for the dons at the various prison system hiring new grads, I have no idea why, but I'm glad they do. Sorry if there's errors, I'm on my phone :)
  11. ronda919

    Starting at a Corrections Facility

    Hi, I don't have any advice, I'm starting in corrections the end of June, but how is it going? Do u like it? Now that you have started do u have any advice
  12. Hi everyone!!!! A I passed the boards 1/2012 (Yayyy) I started at am Oncology clinic, I left there and went to the nursing home that I'm currently at. I interviewed for a position at a local jail in May, they called this week to offer me the position!!! I'm super excited, and cant wait to get started, my fiance however doesn't get my excitement, he wants me to stay at the nursing home, he thinks I'm gonna get killed, or beat working in corrections, I'm gonna regret leaving the nursing home, and I may not have the necessary assessment skills. I would like to know if you "veteran" CN's feel safe at work? What do you really like about it, and/ or is it better than previous jobs you may have had? My mom retired from a max security prison, she loved it, I just think I need a little input from you all!!!! I really want this job, and I feel its much better than my current one. Any input would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  13. ronda919

    New LPN Grad

    Hi, I'm in Charlotte, NC. Where are u located??
  14. ronda919

    I made it through LPN school!!!!!

    Thanks, n Congrats to you also!!!! It's gonna fly by, December will be here before u know it!!!! Don't forget to keep me posted, n let me know if u need any help/advice with anything!!!!!
  15. Thanks to everyone for your input, I think I am bored, so I'm going to try working on the weekends at a nursing home. I have worked in one for years, and always wanted to be the nurse, instead of the aide. I will keep u posted, btw, I am very greatful to even have a job, I know others are not so lucky. Thanks again!!