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  1. VA Hiring Process

    You would think that the process would be different for already VA employees transitioning from one position to another but it is not. I have been employed with VA for more than 5 years and recently completed and passed boards and still waiting on a ...
  2. Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Fall 2017 BSN Program

    I recently applied.
  3. Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Fall 2017 BSN Program

    I recently applied to their nursing program but I am did the STEP- RN program. Did you apply to the traditional program or the Step RN program
  4. Bevill State CC Spring '17 RN Applicants

    She did apply to Bevill. I saw the letter myself dated for October 19.
  5. Bevill State CC Spring '17 RN Applicants

    My coworker got a letter in the mail on yesterday. So maybe today.
  6. Bevill State CC Spring '17 RN Applicants

    I applied last year and the year before that and the letters were sent out mid October
  7. Bishop state fall '16

    Why would you say that?
  8. Bishop state fall '16

    I think that Bishop State CC has an excellent Nursing program. I completed their LPN program in 2011 and it was one of the top programs. Never heard of any probation or anything. But everyone has different experiences
  9. VA Hiring Process

    Yes this is normal
  10. VA Hiring Process

    When applying for a job with the VA, on the Job announcement theres a section that says what is required to complete an application. If you submit all those forms and documents that applied to you then you should be ok. Also, you usually get a email ...
  11. Snead LPN-RN Mobility 2016

  12. Snead LPN-RN Mobility 2016

    I been stalking my mailbox for the past few weeks looking acceptance letters. I am unsure if I will accept Snead because I've already received and accepted Bevill. Went to orientation on yesterday and it looks very promising there. Good luck again to...
  13. Snead hopefulspring 2016

    Most definitely will. And you do the same.
  14. Snead hopefulspring 2016

    Snead is taking so long. I'm waiting. I just want to know!!!!
  15. Snead LPN-RN Mobility 2016

    I wasn't aware that the VA had a scholarship program any longer for LPNs. Where did you find this information? I wish to work my entire career at the VA so a scholarship is right up my alley.