Why aren't hospitals hiring LPNs?

  1. i'm about to start my lpn education in a few weeks. i have a cousin who is an rn and at a recent family gathering she said to me, "you might have a hard time finding a job after graduation. hospitals aren't hiring lpns anymore." i did some research on a couple of career websites and it appears that she's right. most of the job postings for lpns seem to be in nursing homes. i guess there's nothing wrong with that...but i had kind of pictured myself working at one of the major hospitals in the area. what's up with them not hiring lpns?
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  3. by   Diary/Dairy
    Because LPN's are a more limited in their scope of practice and must practice under an RN supervision.
  4. by   Fiona59
    You need to research information for your own state and not go by what you "hear".

    Where I work in Canada, PNs are everywhere in the healthcare system. We work under our own license and not under the supervision of an RN.

    Research is the key to answering your question.
  5. by   greatan
    In my job search for the last 4 months since I graduated from LPN school I have slowly watched all the hospital jobs disintegrate. There are only 2 major hospitals in my area. One only hired LPNs at their satellite hospitals. Now in the last few weeks they have removed all LPN positions and are calling them some kind of clinical technican. These technician positions state that this employee can insert and remove catheters, take vitals, do simple dressing changes, feed, change, bathe and do adls. The other major hospital stopped hiring LPNs at the main hospital and the satellite hospitals are offering LPN jobs to internal applicants only. All this after I went to school for a year. This is causing everyone to flock to LTC which then is allowing these employers to be a little pickier about who they hire and it is now harder to get in than it was before. Good luck with school.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    I have not experienced this difficulty, but am hearing that many LPNs in other areas are. I work in an area in New York where at least 5 of the major hospitals are still hiring LPNs. I do think that is is best to check out the area you reside in, as well as others on the outskirts to determine if this will be a fact for you. In case this does become a reality, I have been taking other continuing education courses to be able to compete for jobs. Good luck!
  7. by   Young28
    I feel the same, in my area we only can look to LTC for employment and it can get really hard to get a job in a facility if you don't have a good reference.

    I'm currently working towards my RN but I think it is getting really hard to keep employment. Most nursing homes are always understaffed and you have to beg for meds.
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  8. by   TheCommuter
    There are LPN/LVN hospital jobs in my area, but I prefer to work at the nursing homes due to the higher pay.

    Most nursing homes in my area pay LPNs/LVNs between $18 and $24 hourly. I recently accepted a job at a local nursing home with a pay rate of $23 per hour.

    On the other hand, hospitals in my area pay LPNs/LVNs poorly. The major hospitals in my metropolitan area pay LPNs/LVNs between $13 and $16 hourly.
  9. by   babycakes78
    i see. but aren't the other people that they hire like cnas or medical assistants working under the rn's supervision also?
  10. by   jean333
    The area I live in seem to slowly be phasing out LPN's in hospitals. There are VERY few positions in hospitals except the VA hospital. On the other hand there a plenty of jobs in doctors offices,nursing homes, private duty. I work in a doctors office but I really want to work at a hospital so I am going back to school for my RN next year(hopefully)

  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from babycakes78
    i see. but aren't the other people that they hire like cnas or medical assistants working under the rn's supervision also?
    yes, these people are under the rn's supervision.

    however, it comes down to dollars and cents. the bean-counters have decided that it is more cost effective to hire aides and techs to do the basic nursing tasks such as inserting foley catheters, taking vital signs, drawing blood (venipuncture), and obtaining fingersticks for blood sugars, in addition to baths, showers, toileting, feedings, etc. a tech or aide at a hospital can do these things for significantly less pay than an lpn/lvn.

    some hospitals have decided to save money by hiring rns and aides only.
  12. by   Engy
    Well I live in new york i was working as a MA and now just past my state board and am a lpn. The pay range in nyc is higher in nursing home for lpn. We do not always work under the supervision of RN's they do work as supervisors in nursing home and it is easier to find a job there than in a hospital setting. It is not imposible however if you really look you will find. Starting pay 24-27 dollars an hour. I have friends who graduated RN and they are having a harder time then the lpns finding a job I have friends that got their license a couple of weeks ago that are already working in a hospital setting while the RN group are complaining that the hospitals want people with at least 1-2 years experience. So you see it all depends.
  13. by   pagandeva2000
    What part of New York do you live in?
  14. by   momtojosh
    wow....24-27/hr for LTC in NYC......i am in upstate NY and they start ya out at 13 something.....
    i work in a state run home for the handicapped....up to 16/hr,the house has 12 very medically frail individuals.....i love it there....even though we do EVERYTHING(no aides,all LPNS) we do alot of medical......
    so you live right in the city or just outside?

    PAGANDEVA2000...do you ask engy what part cause you are from NYS as well? if so where?