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    Hospice LPN in Oklahoma, 20/ hr , company car plus on call pay, benefits
    Last year made 44,000
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    upstate ny
    substance abuse treatment facility
    $17/hr PRN
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    Southeast CT
    8-5 M-F, No weekends, NO OT allowed.
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    In LTC I make $19.50 In past jobs I've made anywhere between $12 and $19.50
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    22 an hour and FREE awesome health insurance, I think when you ask about wages-- bennifits are important to mention too.
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    cecilgirl, that is excellent! My family is paying $800 a month and its lousy. High deductibles, and % + copays = the ins company is making money off my family.
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    Any LPNs from New Jersey working in LTC can tell us what is their base pay?
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    Just got hired as LPN (RN in December) and the LTC facility is 1/2 mile from my house. Am happy to get hired for 19/hr. I am per diem, no benefits...sure beats the 2 CNA hospital jobs I have at 12.50/hr. Mid Michigan
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    Quote from NursKris
    Work on Long Island...Peds acute care in a large hospital I am the only LPN left here. Been here almost 23 years...made a little over $65K last year with minimal OT. Cant wait until I am done with my RN...gonna be a big bump in salary

    I noticed you stated you are the only LPN left at a large hospital? What happen to the other LPN's?
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    I work PRN at a nursing home in Tennessee. I make 19.50/hr. No benefits. Night shift is 3/hr more and evening shift is 1.20/hr more. I am a new grad so this is really good money for me

    I worked 8 hours of overtime last week and made 30.45/hr for those hours!! I am still in shock, lol!
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