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Corrections & Developmental Disabilities
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MusicNurseCarrlee has 15 years experience and specializes in Corrections & Developmental Disabilities.

I am a mother, nurse, singer, writer, teacher, student and entrepreneur. I presently reside in Coachella, CA. I have lived and worked in Tucson, AZ, Philadelphia, PA, Raleigh, NC, Elmhurst, NY, Hilo, HI, Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Lawton, OK, Tampa, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Online LPN to RN/BSN Help

    International College of Health Sciences is accredited with ACEN(Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing), ACCSC(Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges), CAAHEP(Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs), licensed with Florida Department of Education, BBB(Better Business Bureau) accredited and the school is approved as an NC-SARA(National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements) institution offering distance education courses and programs
  2. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Where do I go from here?

    I transferred in prior English, Gen Psychology, Biology, Sociology & Math. I took Nursing Concepts 1 and LifeSpan Development exams and Information Literacy prior to enrolling, enrolled, then alternated between Nursing and General Ed exams(completed A & P, NC 3, Microbiology, NC 4, Ethics, NC 5, Foundations of Professional Practice & NC 6)...then I stalled, allowed my enrollment to lapse and did nothing towards the degree for over two years:crying2:...when I reenrolled, the program had added requirements and increased in cost...I completed Chronicity & Reproductive Health exams earlier this year, now preparing for FCCAs & CPNE...almost there & looking forward to finishing...whatever order you choose to test in, keep going & DON'T STOP...pace yourself...register for your next exam each time you take/pass one, set a test date soon after registration and prepare for it as you would a scheduled exam in a traditional course...apply for FCCAs & CPNE as soon as you are eligible...and so on...Much success to you:)
  3. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Other avenues besides nursing

    Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology, Creative Arts Therapy(Music, Dance, Fine Art), Special Education and Human Services(Developmental Disabilities work) are fields/areas that might be smooth transition from Nursing academically and seem to be financially and personally rewarding for practicing professionals.
  4. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Maybe I should rethink career choice :(

    I encourage you to explore different areas of nursing. Even in the present economy and job market, nurses still have some flexibility in work options. Try a different setting where you may be treated with more respect, gain confidence and grow professionally. Consider home health, correctional nursing, skilled/long term care, developmental disabilities services, immunization clinics, day and treatment programs, occupational health, school nursing, psychiatric care...explore different populations, pediatric care, adolescent health, geriatric care...look at schedule options, different shifts...also research per diem agency work, short(or longer) contracts and travel nursing...Please don't give up. Nursing is a flexible and rewarding career. Discomfort is a push to do something different, and often better. I wish the best for you: )
  5. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Ideas on Las Vegas Skilled Nursing Facilities

    I don't have personal experience with the above facilities, but I will suggest one that I do, The Plaza Regency at Sun Mountain Comprehensive Care Center...a beautiful facility & LOTS of sub acute and skilled care experience
  6. MusicNurseCarrlee

    New LPN Down and out in NC: Where are the jobs?

    I remember feeling discouraged as a new graduate but it does get better. I second the suggestion to look at opportunities in Long Term Care or Skilled Nursing Facilities. Contrary to what is often rumored, you will get REAL nursing experience and respectable pay in these environments. This is a good starting point as a new graduate. This would also give you a financial base of support as you pursue your RN and advance your education. Once you have gained experience, it becomes much easier to find more(and possibly better) work both locally and abroad. Brighter days are ahead for you: )
  7. MusicNurseCarrlee

    favorite job you ever had

    The job I enjoyed most was working in an intermediate care facility for children and adults(both units) with developmental disabilities or considered medically fragile. I started working full time evening shift, then worked full time night shift, moved to weekend program days...now work on a per diem basis(any shift) in a pool position which works well with my frequent traveling and family responsibilities. I learned a great deal and utilized many of my nursing skills in this setting. Its been a challenge and a very rewarding work experience.
  8. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Seriously thinking about opening up a marijuana dispensary

    I have also seriously considered this but my concerns regarding conflict with licensure and nursing practice have kept me from moving forward with the idea. I hear from dispensary owners that the income potential is GREAT(>30k/month). There is a school called Oaksterdam University that educates/trains for entering this industry. I'm thinking of taking a course and, as mentioned earlier, getting good legal advice and assistance if I proceed with the idea. Best of luck to you:)
  9. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Re: Does anyone regret becoming an LPN?

    I have no regret becoming an LPN. I only wish that I had done it immediately following high school. I am an exceptional nurse and have never thought of myself as being at the"bottom". I have actively searched for and worked in varied positions and settings where I have been able to learn and grow in nursing. I have been generally treated with respect from patients, families and co-workers. I was able to work and make good money(40k-70k/yr) while advancing my education and pursuing personal interests. Practical Nursing has been a wonderful experience and an awesome stepping stone along my path of personal and professional growth. I feel for you that your journey as an LPN has not been a good one...thus far. You have many options for bridging to/obtaining you RN education and license. I will suggest that you look outside of your present location for opportunities...if traveling or relocation are options, consider that as a way and means to access more/better work. When you are interviewing for work, ask for the salary and benefits that you want...and in the meantime, do reconsider some of the places you may have been avoiding (ex:long term care facilities). All patients & residents deserve good nursing care. Good nurses make a facility better. You doing the best job that you can do will make the experience wonderful for you and the people you care for. With the higher acuity of LTC populations, you will likely utilize many of the same skills in the LTC setting that you will in hospitals. When you're ready, you take what you have learned with you and move on to the next assignment. Be encouraged...you're not stuck:) Determine what you want from nursing and get it-make it happen. Wishing you the best through the next phase of it all.
  10. MusicNurseCarrlee

    Scared to move back to Ga.

    I can imagine that this is a tough decision. Trust your intuition. The hesitation that you feel about moving back right now may be valid. Given the present economy, it is truly a blessing to be a nurse, to have a steady and adequate income and an affordable lifestyle/cost of living. Pay rates and job opportunities are considerably less than in Phoenix for both LPNs and RNs in Atlanta. I would suggest postponing your move back to ATL at least until you have completed your RN training and obtained your license. You would then be able to earn close to what you do now and be able to maintain a comparable quality of life once you move. If you have family or friends that you're missing, you can visit in the meantime to help bridge the distance. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make.