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  1. zeppzepp2009

    Tdap prefilled syringes

    Does anyone have info on these? Our facility uses them but they look odd with a rubber plunger thing at the end. I have not done one yet, I was told the needle is inside? Does this sound right? I think it is called Boostrix.
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  3. zeppzepp2009

    how to combine veterinary technology and RN

    Saw a posting once at a 24 animal ER..they were looking for an animal nurse. Not sure what that exactly means though.
  4. zeppzepp2009

    Nobody in this county will hire an LPN.

    Sounds like a great plan, good luck!
  5. zeppzepp2009

    Nobody in this county will hire an LPN.

    Psych4u, What field are you going into instead?
  6. zeppzepp2009

    Those that prefer to work with men

    It's an evil plot by men to keep us women hating on each other...if we all got along we'd rule the world!!!
  7. zeppzepp2009

    What do you hate the most about nursing school?

    8 hr lecture in very uncomfortable chairs!
  8. zeppzepp2009

    Fall risk

    Thanks guys......all week I answered call lights from residents that were left on the toilet alone. I know in the real world that's what goes on, it's impossible for the CNA's to stay with all their residents. Unfortunately I didn't think twice about leaving her, I learned a lesson from it and thankfully she was fine.
  9. zeppzepp2009

    Fall risk

    My CI stood behind me but said don't ever leave a patient/resident alone on the toilet. I definately learned that the hard way!
  10. zeppzepp2009

    Fall risk

    Here's the deal...I am doing nursing clinicals @ a facility....the call light was on outside the residents room and not a CNA to be found. I go in and ask if I can help...resident needs to use the bathroom. I assist resident to the wc and she rolls herself to the bathroom. I make sure resident is safe on the toilet hand the call cord and say pull it as soon as your done, I'll be out in the hall. Resident falls...I get a lashing from supervisor that resident should not be left alone! Supervisor told my clinical instructor to write me up. I checked the chart, was present @ report and not anywhere was there a mention of fall risk...no chair or bed alarms etc. Resident even acknowledged that they knew they should of called. I am beating myself up over this....I feel awful that the resident fell, how am I going to be a good nurse if I can make a stupid mistake like this??
  11. zeppzepp2009

    Fall risk

    Just wanted some opinions....what are your policies on toileting patients/residents that are alert and oriented, need assistance and not deemed a fall risk by the facility? Do you stay with the pt while toileting or leave and give them privacy and come back for them?
  12. zeppzepp2009

    So, what color are your school uniforms?

    We wear royal blue polo shirts with white bottoms and @ clinical we wear all white....ughhh. Boy do I hate wearing white, not a day goes by that I don't get something on them!!!
  13. zeppzepp2009

    What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    $4500...LPN program, IRSC Florida.
  14. zeppzepp2009

    Dropping out of nursing

    Mi Vida Loca.........:icon_hug: Hang in there girl, it will all be worth it in the end!
  15. zeppzepp2009

    Dropping out of nursing

    :yeahthat: and get your ducks in a row so when you do dump his sorry a$$ you won't have to stress about it!
  16. zeppzepp2009

    Math help

    Congrats...try these. http://www.manuelsweb.com/nrs_calculators.htm https://allnurses.com/nursing-blogs/student-resources-nursing-436031.html