Excelsior and financial aid?

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I have looked all over the web site and can't find info on financial aid. Does anyone know if I can use grant/loan money for the LPN to RN program? Thanks!

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From what I can see there are some programs that you would not be eligible for since the Excelsior program is credit by examination. I think this includes the federal programs. There ARE other sources of financial aid that may be there.

Have you registered on their website and gotten a login? A lot of this info is not available until you do. Once you log in, look on the right hand side for a box that asks if you need to fill out a FAFSA. That should take you to a place where you will get some answers.

You can also call them on the phone and ask for general info on financial aid.

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i have recieved 2 scholarships from Excelsior. i did have to fill out the FAFSA, they use some info from their to determine what type of assistance they can offer you. it was truly a blessing to recieve those scholarships!!!!!

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Thanks guys! I am graduating LPN school in Dec. and weighing my options for RN.

I filled out the FAFSA but do you have to be enrolled in order to get a scholarship? I've read EC has scholarships to help pay for the enrollment fee. Is this true? The enrollment + the annual fee is just too much for me to part with.

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