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Trauma, Cardiac Cath/Special procedures

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  1. smitty10

    CVICU interview tips

    Good luck on the interview!
  2. smitty10

    Pathway to becoming an CVICU RN

    thank you so much musician's wife!
  3. smitty10

    Pathway to becoming an CVICU RN

    :)Thank you so much. I'm going through ACLS now, and I started looking at the CCRN exam. Thank you again for your reply!
  4. smitty10

    Becoming a CVICU RN

    As a new grad with over 8 months experience nursing in a LTAC facility, how does one get on a clinical pathway in becoming a CCU or CVICU RN? What other types of experiece should I seek? I've worked as a medical assistant in a Cardiologist office with over 12 different cardiologist. And as a PCA in the ER dept and some of our busiest ER's. Thanks in advance for any and all responses!!
  5. smitty10

    Pathway to becoming an CVICU RN

    I'm a new grad with 8 months experience in a LTAC. I've cared for pts with new trachs, vents, critical drips, IV ABT, and wound care. It's all very nice but my passion is cardiology!! I sooooooo want to get into a CVICU or even to the cath lab! Before RN school, I worked as a PCA in the Emergency Departments at some of our busiest ER, and I would like to know, what the RN managers look for when considering someone for their unit. Thanks in advance for any and all responses!!
  6. I'm not trying to be funny, but try to keep your eye out for another job! 9 days orientation for a new grad and a 1st time nursing job is not enough time, AND REMEMBER,YOU HAVE A LICENSE TO PROTECT. I was in the very same boat as you except I was punching out 2 hours late trying to get all the documentation and noting orders, and like you said without a lunch or a break!!!!!! I was thankful for the 3 weeks I was there and I did recieve 2 nice checks, but I felt like my license would be in jeopardy if I continued to stay under circumstances like that. Again not trying to be funny, but you have to protect yourself!
  7. smitty10

    Managing Time

    i work midnights, so when i start my shift, i introduce myself, quick scan the room, if there are visitors there, i will come back to do my assessment just as long as the pt. is not in any distress. that might be a little difficult to do if your on days, but the more you do it the better your routine will develop. as far as the charting when you do something, you will find it is best, you just have to develop and master the skill!
  8. smitty10

    LTACH or Med/Surg

    well i just passed my nclex and alot of med-surg positions require at least 1-2 years experience. i was told to look at the ltach so i could build up my experience. good luck on your interview :) smitty, RN
  9. smitty10

    Michigan Grads, where are the best book deals?

    i utilized chegg.com. its a book rental service hope this helps smitty rn
  10. smitty10

    It's official, I'm a RN

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!:smokin:*wine
  11. smitty10

    Got the good Pop-up.....

    But how long does it take for Mi to post license #
  12. smitty10

    I think I passed...

    i think i did 2. CONGRATS
  13. smitty10

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    i took my Nclex RN today. i recieved 181-182 questions. i did the PVT 3 hours after i got home and got the good pop up i'm going to try it at least 3 more times to make sure:D
  14. smitty10

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I graduated from EC in Sept 2010 and now preparing for my Nclex Dec 2010:rckn: