What is your current LPN salary

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    In 1990, my last year as an LPN, I made $8.99 an hour.

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    $26.70/hour, in Ontario, Canada.
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    In north central West Virginia, working in a doctors office, $ 12.50 an hour.
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    Soutwest IN
    Long Term Care
    18 years experience
    Base pay is around $19-20/hour with shift bonuses given for evenings & nights those range from $0.50-$1.00/hour extra.
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    Our lpns earn 10.75 per hour.
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    Connecticut LTC, no benefits 2nd shift $23.80 (2 1/2 yrs as LPN)
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    Central Indiana
    23 years exp. 19.33/hr for current position at LTC facility.
    $2 shift diff. for evenings.
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    I last worked as an LPN/LVN in June 2010, and was earning $27.04 hourly at a nursing home in a large city in Texas.
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    1.5 years with my LVN license, Pediatric Home Health, San Antonio, TX $25/hr And loving every minute of it! Cant wait to be an RN!
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    Quote from gettingbsn2msn
    Our lpns earn 10.75 per hour.
    Where is this at???
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    Quote from suzisweet
    In north central West Virginia, working in a doctors office, $ 12.50 an hour.
    That's a CNA salary.
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    I know!!! some of these salaries I am just amazed by! I actually made around $14/hr as a CNA.

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