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indynurse '87 specializes in Geriatrics/LTC.

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  1. indynurse '87

    Merry Christmas to the nurses who will be working today

    Merry Christmas! I will be going in at 7 pm tonight.
  2. indynurse '87

    I just finished my resume...

    I would make several copies, go out to the facilities, ask to fill out an application and attatch your resume to the app. Ask if the HR or DON is available for interview. The reason of asking for DON or HR is that some of the samller facilities the DON IS the HR for nursing and does the interview/hiring. Good luck!
  3. indynurse '87

    Do ageny nurses get any kind of orientation

    Back in the early 90's I worked agency. I loved it! Some of the hospitals did have orientation, you were required to arrive 2 hours early of your first shift at that facility, and a short orientation was given on the floor you were to work. At LTC facilities the would have a packet you were required to read and sign off on that you understood the info. There were MANY times at the LTC facilities I would arrive and the nurse I was relieving would say "here is your hall, this is your cart, here are your keys, here is the 24 hour report sheet, if you have any questions the aides can help you" and attempt to leave! I would have to make them sit down and give me a run through on the report sheet and count the narcotics! Even though there were times it was sink or swim, I still loved it. I was sent to places that afforded me the opportunity to get expierince I would have never gotten by being staff nurse in one place.
  4. indynurse '87

    What does your username mean?

    Indy is for Indiana and '87 is the year I graduated from Nursing college. Hence: Indynurse '87
  5. indynurse '87

    Nursing the old fashioned way

    I knew what HHH was, when giving one be ready to RUN!!!! Or your clean whites would be "brown" in a hury.... "Thar she blows!!!!"
  6. indynurse '87

    Nursing the old fashioned way

    Ohhhhh my! Do I remember those days .... I too remember M&M (Maalox and Methiolate) for pressure areas along with the heat lamp, packing wounds with betadine ointment mixed with sugar, pelvic, wrist and leg restraints, gerichairs with locking trays to prevent the patient form getting up. Feeding pureed diets to a difficult patient with an asepto. Very seldom did we have G/Tubes. it was usually NG tubes for feeding patients with swallowing problems. Testing diabetics urine for sugar levels and coverage.
  7. indynurse '87

    Need advice on job problems

    I have been in your situation before. Keep up with the write ups as needed, be sure to make copies and keep them for yourself, as they sometimes can "somehow get misplaced". Also keep a journal, CYA!, keep following the chain of command to voice your concerns, and presenting the write ups. If you still find no satisfaction, or the problem is not resolved take it to the Corporate office. If they do not know what is happening, they cannot fix it.

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