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    $24/hr in skilled nursing facility, $20/hr pediatric home health and $19/hr intermediate care-MR/DD facility, per diem positions in Las Vegas, NV
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    In KY LPN's make about $15-$17 bucks an hour.
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    Central Valley, CA
    New grad, Per Diem, $26/hr plus shift differential of $1/$2 per hour.
    Once I get a full/part time position Ill be eligible for medical/dental/life and 8 hours holiday pay (for 11 holidays/year) and time and a half if I work the holiday also (making holidays 2.5 times regular pay).
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    Brooklyn NY $21.48 an hour on staff at nursing home. $26 an hour agency for nursing home or home care.
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    nursing home weekend 20 an hour.. PRN hospice 25 an hour
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    arkansas i started out making 19-20hr depending on facility. clinics pay 14-15hr. children's and baptist hospital pay round 12hr while the others pay 15-16hr and more with cna exp.
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    19.00 an hr in LTC in northern alabama. shift and weekend diff varies anywhere from $.50-1.50.
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    Quote from exit96
    Just got hired as LPN (RN in December) and the LTC facility is 1/2 mile from my house. Am happy to get hired for 19/hr. I am per diem, no benefits...sure beats the 2 CNA hospital jobs I have at 12.50/hr. Mid Michigan
    I'm a new graduate moving from Tx to Kalamazoo, MI in a couple of weeks. Any ideas on pay scale for that area for graduate? Thanks
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    I work prn at a nursing home in Mississippi. I make 14.10/hr. No benefits. If i work the night shift, I get 15.00/hr.
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    TN, work 2 jobs. $16.50 hr FT, plus shift diff of 25% on weekends - ER/Fast Track, 2nd job Urgent Care PRN $15.50 no benefits
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    New Grad, I've been working about 3 months. Work in LTC.
    $25.00/hr - $30/hr on weekends.
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    Anyone working in SOuth Florida? Job prospects here? It seems LPN's are being fazed out of hospitals and do more LTC and Home Health? Would that be an accurate assumption? Am looking for a career change.
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    22.17/ hour new grad, rehab in NH. 5.00/hr differential on the weekends. Full Bennys.