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    I just passed my board and I am in the middle of job hunting. Do we really need to have a resume when applying for a job? If so, do we have to include our clinical experiences? I have my resume but I don't know how to fix it or whatever you might call it. I want to include my clinical experiences but where do I put it or how should I format it. HELP!!!

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    When I was an LVN with no nursing experience whatsoever, I still had a resume. However, I didn't include my clinical experiences. I simply included my previous work history throughout the previous 5 years. Any nurse manager or hiring person will read the resume and figure out that you just completed an LPN/LVN program recently. If they have questions about your clinical rotations, they will ask you during an interview. Good luck!
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    It's great to have a resume because it's useful when you're filling out the employment application.
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    I used to have a great new grad resume and if I can find it Ill email it to you if u pm me your email addy. I didnt have healthcare experience so I highlighted my clinical experience and had a paragraph at the top with my objective and crossover skills. I have a little experience now, so my current resume has my LPN stuff on their and that Im about to graduate RN school in December and its a different format. I have a friend who is great as resumes and she made my pitiful resume look awesome even with no experience.
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    Thank you so so much :rollI will surely do pm you my email add.
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    luv4nursing I just want to know if u received my pm? im waiting for ur email :typing
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    Oh my gosh yes to the resume. Go onlie and look for ICU nursing resumes those nurses rock. They are smart and work really closely with docs. I formated my resume around one of these even though im med surg. site all your experiences and any great vol. work you did in school and extra clinical stuff or awards you got. If I send my resume out I always get responses. I wish I could put it on here but Im just not a computer wiz lots of luck.
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    There are resume books that you can find at the library or in any of the bookstores that focus on health careers. I remember one that gave specific examples of how to show clinical experience if you do not have healthcare work experience yet. One of the books I looked at at the bookstore only cost about $16. I suggest you look at some of these books. I found them very useful.

    I have never needed a resume as each job has required a job application to date. However, I have developed my resume and now use it. It is standard to send out resumes when job hunting. I noticed in the want ads that jobs for construction labor will require the applicant to fax a resume so it is a good idea to go ahead and do one, then keep it up to date. Good luck with your search.
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    I hope it would be okay with you guys if I will see your resume so I can get an Idea :wink2:. :typing thank you thank you thanl you!!!
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    I listed my clinical experiences and the school I graduated from. I broke it down to each semester and the skills and procedures we did each time.

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