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niteshiftlvn07 has 2 years experience and specializes in geriatrics-LTC/clinics/med surg/psych.

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    LPN versus CMA

    :monkeydance:I applaud any one who get's off their butt to go out and seek education:balloons: I'm happy that some aspects of nursing duties are delegated out to cna's, med aides, CMA'S ,etc... But, as an LVN I'm annoyed when I see job postings that say cma/lvn or cma or lvn only because I KNOW these careers are not interchangable. It's the dr's/management/HR/ that are trying to save a buck that's contributing to the rift between lvn's and cma's.I worked at a public clinic(agency) and the cma's took vitals signs,collected urine/bm/sputum/blood samples(no catheterizations or i.v. draws, no shots). The nurses or phleb. tech drew I.V. blood samples, and the nurses gave immunizations, neb treatments, EKG'S, etc.. A cma working at a private clinic/dr. office may do all of these task because there are no nurses or the nurses may be used in other capacities.
  2. niteshiftlvn07


    :monkeydance: I just resigned from maxim. I was with them for 5 months and I didn't get alot of good assignments from them. I got more work from the 2 other agencies I work for, so it was time to get rid of the dead weight!!! Right now I'm also currently working prn at a rehab/ltc and I plan to sign on prn with at least 1 more ltc facility.
  3. niteshiftlvn07

    Nursing Home Rehab Units

    :monkeydance:I recently started working prn (night shift)at a LTC/REHAB facility. The DON ensured me that I would get an adequate orientation and pay for my I.V. cert. class(The rehab unit takes pt.s with I.V'S/TRCH'S and it's sort of a mini-med/surg unit-but the pt.s are more stable) . After 3 days of orientation, the ADON asked me if I would be interested in working the 2nd shift because she had already scheduled the other prn nurses for the rest of the month on the night shift. I accepted because I was eager to start working. I now wish I had read this post before accepting the prn position.Unlike other facilities, this rehab floor has 1 nurse,2 aides and 30 pt's(2ND SHIFT)/1 NURSE(2 HALLS),1 AIDE/PER HALL(NIGHT SHIFT).I was sooo swamped with work:angryfire:uhoh3: !!!Every time I worked the 2nd shift I would leave 1-2 hrs after the shift ended(I have to finish charting). Between all of the dr.s orders, family request, call lights, med pass, treatments etc..., I barely had time to breathe or take a break:madface:. I worked the night shift 2 days ago, and the 2nd shift nurse was still charting at 1:30 am!!! I need some advice!!! I've learned from other nurses that they haven't been able to keep a 2nd shift nurse on the rehab floor, yet the one's who say this rarely work on the rehab floor.Since I'm prn and havent worked there very long (3 weeks ), should I stay and improve my time management or find another prn position? BTW the rehab floor isn't currently at full pt. capacity yet and I'm concerned that 1 nurse to 40 rehab pt's is too much to handle!!!
  4. niteshiftlvn07

    To be a CNA in nursing home or hospital?

    :monkeydance:Before I became a nurse I worked as an aide in a group home and home health aide/sitter for a HH agency. I liked working 1 to 1 with clients, the pace was slower, I got to know the client/family, and the hours were flexible(I worked PT on weekends while in nursing school full time). I had time to study when the client was sleeping/or watching tv.My friend in nursing school was always stressed out because she worked as a cna at a hospital. They always had her running around and she barely got lunch breaks. YOU should consider part time home health aide positions!!!
  5. :monkeydance:I worked as a public health clinic nurse for 5 months(agency/contract). I really liked it(8-5/mon-fri. sched, 1 hr lunches,paid weekly) The downside was that I didn't speak spanish and 90% of the pt.s were spanish speaking. The communication barrier was always an issue.There were translators,but many times I had to hunt them down because it was soo busy at the clinic.Another reason why I left was because of the infighting betw. staff:chair::argue: I don't know how many times I witnessed/got caught in the middle of staff infighting.I wish I could have stuck it out a little longer, but I just wanted to try a different nursing field.Since I left the clinics have added more interpreters and the starting wage has increased. I work at temp agencies and I'm not interested in a pay cut.Maybe when I start a family I might go back!!!
  6. niteshiftlvn07

    It Happened Again! :(

    :monkeydance:Why do we continue to let people get under our skins with this tired argument:deadhorse I would probably just said " I'm the charge nurse, What's your question?"
  7. niteshiftlvn07

    Role Call...California LVN's

    :monkeydance: TEXAS is a good place to work/live when you're a nurse. My aunt who lives in north california keeps asking me why I don't come to california. I plan to visit, but that's it! I've heard that run down houses in california are even expensive!! I just closed on my house last november.I've seen new home prices starting at 80k in central texas.I've read that lvn wages were higher in cali compared to texas. Do they have a state income tax in california? It would be nice to make 30+/hr,but I think it's cheaper to stay in texas.
  8. niteshiftlvn07

    Trying To Pass!!

    :monkeydance: I pray that you can gather the strength to overcome your obstacles.Positive thinking will be the key to your success(If you believe, you will achieve!!!:spin: ) When I was studying for the nclex(I used saunders) I thought that there was just too much info to review. I also doubted myself alot at the beginning, but I redirected those negative thoughts/insecurities and focused on my goal to attain my nursing license.Since your test date is quickly approaching, try to set aside block sessions to study. Don't study when you're extremely tired/fatigued/hungry(you wont retain anything if you're focused on other issues) GOD BLESS YOU and GOOD LUCK!!!
  9. niteshiftlvn07

    How many of you have multiple jobs besides being an LVN?

    :monkeydance: WOW you're quick to assume things regarding my personal/financial situation. But you know what they say about people who assume... they make ***** out of themselves!! Secondly I was raised in the church and there's nothing wrong with having your own opinions/morals.I'm proud that I live in a country where anyone can express/defend there opinions.(just as many of you on this message board have!!!) I Don't JUDGE/belittle/degrade my patients while providing care( I've read threads from other people saying how they openly bad mouth their pt's:nono: ) That's not why I wanted to become A nurse. The original post was about multiple jobs not "I don't like people who judge others/patients and various other personal attacks on someone we dont know":angryfire I DONT KNOW THE STRIPPER/LVN. I MAY NOT LIKE HER SECOND JOB BUT I DONT BELIEVE SHE'LL BURN IN HELL JUST BECAUSE SHE STRIPS. I pray that she may one day climb off the pole forever!!! Adults have the right to do/say whatever.Right/wrong, harmful/harmless- we have to face ourselves in the the mirror everyday!And guess what- I like what I see!!!
  10. niteshiftlvn07

    Should I work for an agency??

    :monkeydance: I've done agency work on and off over the last 2yrs. It's great when you are getting alot of hours and horrible when you get cancelled. Most agency's require 1 yr. of experience. If you sign on with a agency see if they can get you a contract position(no cancellations,flexable, more$$$).I worked at a city clinic for 5 months,made good money-got paid weekly). Unfortunately, agency's don't always have alot of work and you could be sitting home going broke. Try to sign with 2-3 agency's or consider working prn at several hosp./ltc's.If you ultimately want benefits/steady pay, your best bet is to find a FT position.:spin:
  11. niteshiftlvn07

    I passed!

    :monkeydance: CONGRATS!!! Welcome to NURSING!!! :spin: :balloons: :hatparty: :roll :biere: :smiley_aa :yelclap: :cheers: :w00t: :icon_hug: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  12. niteshiftlvn07

    LVN Resume

    :monkeydance: It's great to have a resume because it's useful when you're filling out the employment application.
  13. niteshiftlvn07

    How many of you have multiple jobs besides being an LVN?

    :monkeydance: All people judge(pre-judge, make "comments" and unsolicited remarks towards others all the time!!!) It doesnt matter what profession we happen to be.Nurses are supposed to be kind, compassionate, and caring. It would be unprofessional for any healthcare worker to openly criticize/judge a patient while providing care. What other employees do off the job IS their business, but if they dont want their business spread around then they shouldn't talk about their personal business on the job. As far as smokers on the job... I dont care as long as they're not smoking in my face:angryfire . IMO smoking is a deadly,nasty habit and they need to try and quit ASAP to improve their health.
  14. niteshiftlvn07

    What do you do with DISRUPTIVE classmates?

    :monkeydance: You need to change seats Now:madface: !! It doesnt matter what race the person is IGNORANCE IS IGNORANCE!!! She sounds insecure and she's acting out for attention. Don't get caught up in her/anyone else's DRAMA:nono: . You cant afford to get involved in other students petty/rude behaviors. Focus on studying and taking care of yourself.Stay positive, Stay focused, and don't let anyone stomp on your goals.
  15. niteshiftlvn07

    How many of you have multiple jobs besides being an LVN?

    :monkeydance: LOGIC?!! It defeats the purpose of her education because she should have wanted to get her nursing license in order to provide a better life for herself/family without having to sell her body/ degrade herself for cash:uhoh3: !! I've had financial problems, but I didnt resort to stripping/prostitution/selling drugs or any other immoral/ soul crushing activity to get fast cash. For someone to have a nursing license and still choose to strip on the side IMO they need to get their priorities/ moral compass straight.(Judgemental-yes, but everyone judges everybody!!!) :spin: You cant move forward while walking backwards!!!
  16. niteshiftlvn07

    Emotional breakdown and nurse frustation

    :monkeydance: This job sounds horrible:angryfire :trout: !!! Leave Now. You're risking your license just walking in there:nono: . I recently worked a night shift at a ltc/acute rehab facility(agency). There were also 50 pt's. and I had to handle the nursing care with just 1 aide(2nd aide showed up 2 hrs late) Many of these facilities expect miracles from their nurses, but dont provide the support to effectively give good pt. care.(I wont be going back to that dump!!!:spin: :angel2:) Dont give up on nursing, Just nonsense!!!