Lpns in the er

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    I Will be graduating this December. The emergency department has always been what I want to do. Have you ever heard of lpns getting hired in an er? I do plan to get my rn in the next year or two. Would it help to have ACLS and PALS? I eventually want to become a flight nurse. Any advice?

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    It won't happen in USA. Maybe Canada. The only place I could think of LPNs getting hired in the ER would be in a VERY rural area. Hospitals don't want LPNs anymore due to most places seeking that coveted magnet status.

    Advice: work in an LTAC (different from LTC) where you will get critical care experience and learn time management (essential ER skills) while you work on your RN. LTACs readily take LPNs from what I've read.

    Please do research on LPNs and who actually hires them. Too often on this site we have LPNs that think they are going to work in ICUs and ERs when they graduate when in reality LPNs are even struggling in some areas to secure work in LTCs or doctors offices as magnet hospitals are even refusing ADN graduates only accepting BSN applicants.

    It's sad but true. I'm not even american but through research on this site I've learnt a lot.
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    ER doesn't hire LPNs due to the fact that LPNs duties are very limited. They are not allowed to take some of the doctors orders, give IV push meds, give blood products etc. So getting your RN degree will help you get where you want to be =)
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    There are a handful of currently-practicing LPNs on these forums who work in emergency departments, although they tend to be the exception and not the rule.

    When I attended school in Oklahoma, LPNs seemed to be prevalent in the small-town ERs. I now live in Texas, and while you are not going to see LPNs in any of the big city ERs, the small towns and extreme rural areas will hire them. When I lived in California, I never saw any LVNs in any ER.
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    Move to Canada! We do!
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    I worked in an ER as an LPN in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I was one of two in that dept. This is not a rural area. ACLS and PALS are necessary for this type of work. (also looks good on your resume)
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    they dont hire lpns in the ER in the city that i live in (shreveport), but i know they do hire them in the rural hospitals and even in a larger hospital in texarkana which is about an hour and 15 min north of me
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    It really depends on your state and your scope of practice. In my state LPN's are not allowed to give IVP meds, hang blood or access a PICC or TLC line. Therefore ACLS is not needed for them because they can't push the meds needed. Also in my area and two counties over they do not hire LPN's in the hospital anymore. The one hospital that have LPN's have X amount of time to get their RN or leave. Other hospitals don't hire LPN's at all.
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    Like everyone said it just depends on your area. I know in Columbus, GA the ER's hire plenty of LPN's in certain hospitals.
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    I work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we have a few LPNs in the ER. There are way more RNs, but we have some. The LPNs are mostly in the fast track area.

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