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Fumanchuesday has 3 years experience and specializes in Neuro ICU, SICU.

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  1. Fumanchuesday

    Unexpected pregnancy in nursing school?!

    I had a girl in my class that was pregnant with twins until a couple weeks before we finished. She didnt have any problems at all... I work with like 4-5 pregnant chicks right now. It's against the law for your school or work to discriminate. As long as you and the baby are healthy and your doc approves, you shouldnt have any problems. Congrats!
  2. Fumanchuesday

    Pediatric Neurology Help!

    I am a fan of "The NeuroICU Book" and clinical neuroanatomy by goldberg
  3. Fumanchuesday

    U.S. Army Comt Medic to Civilian World

    If you are looking for critical patients, critical care would be the place to be. Emergency nursing would probably be closer to what you were doing (assess, triage, maybe stabilize, hand off to the doc), but they have to deal with a lot more less critical patients at times (belly aches and sore throats).
  4. My advise is to enjoy yourself while u still can!
  5. Fumanchuesday

    Salary and Benefit of ADN vs BSN

    No difference in pay anywhere that I have worked (north and south louisiana). New grad ASN/ADNs are still getting hired everywhere I have worked (large hospitals- ICU setting). I recently finished my RN-BSN. Makes no difference anywhere that I work. My current employment is a magnet hospital and half of our charge nurses do not have BSN. I feel that getting my BSN does nothing more than open more doors for grad school. I am sure other areas of the country are different, but that is the way it is here!
  6. Fumanchuesday

    AA vs AS

    If nursing is your first choice and computer science is the back up plan, I would be working on the prereqs for nursing school first. Apply to nursing school as soon as you are able. If you dont get in and you decide on another degree, then look and see what remaining courses you need for the degree. Both degrees are science based, so I would think you would be slightly closer to AS.
  7. Fumanchuesday

    Post-tpa bp

    Less than 180 in my facility
  8. Fumanchuesday

    I paid 200 dollars for pvt

    Worked for me 3 years ago immediately after the test... After reading all of the negativity in this thread, it seems like a completely different perspective... Pvt was the real deal! worked for all of my classmates as well. There were several threads on allnurses with accurate pvt experiences as well!
  9. Fumanchuesday

    Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    As an ICU nurse with 2 pts I typically take 10-15,000 steps. I am occasionally the float/ resource nurse on our 34 bed unit. I go on a lot of MRI and CT trips when resourcing and I took almost 30,000 steps the last time I was in this role.
  10. Fumanchuesday

    Traveling RN Wants to Get BSN While On the Road

    I am just finishing up the University of Louisiana Lafayette RN-BSN program. Its all online, you can finish in 1 year or drag it out for as long as 5 years... Cost is $9500... I could have easily done it while traveling. There is no clinical component. I work 4 days a week and have made As and Bs no problem.
  11. Fumanchuesday

    Do I need a professional resume writer?

    I will have to agree with Craig. I have filled out several applications on line; most career pages use their own format, and you just fill out as you go. Sometimes there is a place at the end to copy and paste your resume, but i find that this almost always messes with the formatting in some way. Believe me! I would much rather submit a resume to each hospital and job I am interested in, rather than go through all of the sections of the application. I do however, always bring a copy of my resume to present to the interviewer, mostly as a means to take the eyes off of me. I think the most important aspect is the experiences that are present on the resume.
  12. Fumanchuesday

    Enrolling in online RN to BSN after NCLEX: Should I work?

    I would like to point out that the year to 18 months that it takes you to complete your RN-BSN is a long time that you will have to forget everything you learned in your ADN. I am doing online RN to BSN currently (working 4 12s a week) and I must say that there is no clinical aspect or pharmacology involved in my program
  13. Fumanchuesday

    Colorblind Flight Nurse in Military?

    I am very interested in joining the AFR or Air Guard as a Flight Nurse or CCAT, however I have been unable to locate any info regarding color vision requirements for Flight Nursing. I am Red/Green colorblind or so I am told (I really just have a hard time distinguishing the difference between certain shades of blue and purple). This is more of a problem for me matching ties and socks... never had a problem as a nurse. Anyways... can anyone shed some light? or is talking to a recruiter my only option? I have 2 years exp in critical care. While I love my job and it still excites me, I would like an opportunity to expand my skills and serve my country.
  14. Fumanchuesday

    Propofol Increasing HR?

    Before I read that you gave Hydralazine, I was gonna ask if you gave some. Hydralazine is known to raise HR. Nothing a little labetalol cant fix though.
  15. Fumanchuesday

    How long did you study for CCRN?

    I was a critical care nurse for a year and a half. I watched the Laura Gasparis DVDs at work one week, then I watched them again over the course of 3 days that I was off work (the last 3 days before my scheduled exam). I spent the whole 3 days studying... when I wasnt watching the videos, I was doing the PASS CCRN online questions.
  16. Fumanchuesday

    CCRN CRAM :/

    A coworker let me borrow the DVDs. I think he bought them on Ebay. She also has a website for all of her review material products.