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This is not a rant. This is not meant to cause any trouble. It was just on my heart and I thought I would share. Please feel free to add a line of your own :) Can't you just let me be happy to be... Read More

  1. by   proud nurse
    I've worked as an LPN and now as an RN. I know a lot of LPNs. Many who have a chip on their shoulder about being LPNs, some that absolutely love it and will never do anything other than LPN, some who moved onto RN very quickly, and some that hung out as LPNs for a while and really mastered their practice before moving on (like myself). I really don't give a damn how anybody sees me, they don't live my life. I feel you give respect, 90% of the time you get it back.
  2. by   Paul'in'FL
    Thankfully, here in the US, we are still allowed to have and express opinions.

    "Hate Speech" ? ! ? And with a straight face???

    We are not that socialist and crazily PC (yet......)
  3. by   Paul'in'FL
    Quote from Fiona59

    Where I live your post would be considered hate speech.

    I think people need to grow up and bottle the vitrol.
    HATE SPEECH??? I do believe the frigid north has made you and many of your fellows delusional.

    Thankfully, here in the US, we refuse to be cowed by political correctness......and have the right to express an opinion that hasn't been vetted by the thought police.

    Go have a cuppa, and grown a working epidermis
  4. by   mc3
    Paul in FL,

    "Thankfully, here in the US, we refuse to be cowed by political correctness......and have the right to express an opinion that hasn't been vetted by the thought police."

    Really? The thought police must not have made it to your neighborhood yet. Sorry, but we are cowed by political correctness!

    I digress.....back to your regularly scheduled show.


  5. by   TheCommuter
    Good evening to anyone who happens to read this. . .

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    Thank you all for your anticipated cooperation.
  6. by   mc3
    Thank you, Commuter!
  7. by   tbehlow
    I understand where you are coming from.. It's not that you are shamed or unhappy , it's a defense mechanism bc you know what comes next when you tell someone you are a LPN ... I just smile and say " yep I'm a dam good LPN , and love what I do". I never give them ppl a chance to giant further.. It's no ones business who, what , when , where and why...
  8. by   letarn2b
    I feel if your happy with your chocie do not defend it to anyone. I went straight RN because I did not want to take two nclexs lpn and rn and it would have taken be longer to lpn to rn because i know once i graduate from one program it will be hard for me to jump back in to studying again.
  9. by   letarn2b
    i agree if you dont like the LPN ROLE/PAY become a RN.We both do the same work but the lpn getts paid less that would make me feel mad and resentfull
  10. by   ROBJAX
    WOW!!! Ok why would anyone feel the need to put anyone down? So if its education? what happened to ON THE JOB TRAINING? Isn't this a form of education? We all have had that experience or will have at one time or another in our lives. Especially in our field of choice (ie: Patient care). JUST A SUGGESTION: Why not allow LPN's the opportunity, after let's say 5 years of on the job training/experience to take the RN boards? We need nurses in general. Seems this would open opportunity and possibly fill some gaps in needed medical care providers. I have no doubt that many would pass and some would fail but isn't the opportunity enough. I agree some would opt out of the opportunity but how many would opt in? I know had I been given the chance I would have taken it. (Sitting in a class room and learning - versus - actually performing on the job and utilizing hands on learning). How many others would? Life is different for all of us and the shoes we walk in each day may possibly fit another but will not fit everyone...... SO please do not misunderstand, I believe everyone deserves a chance. SO GIVE THEM ONE!
  11. by   realnursealso/LPN
    "Welcome to LPN / LVN Corner where you can come and discuss nursing as a Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurse with other health care professionals. This is a safe environment where you can talk about how to improve the quality of patient care, unique responsibilities of the LPN/LVN in your own working specialty and the challenges and successes of your journey. "

    I thought this was the LPN Corner?
  12. by   Esme12
    Here is what I think.....I think we need to be respectful of each other in general. We need to be more tolerant and respectful in our every day life.

    While members can go and comment wherever they wish....the posts need to be respectful. We are ALL members of the healthcare TEAM.....and to the human race.

    I know how the OP feels....it's hard to constantly be brow beaten into submission by being constantly being told you are not good enough.

    LPN's felt, for YEARS, what the ADN's feel now, being told by the BSN's, that their education isn't good enough and that after YEARS at the bedside they are no longer "educated" enough for patient care....that they are somehow inferior to their peers.

    There are many LPN's that are happy at what they do but they grow tired of the constant badgering and brow beating that they are somehow inferior. There are many ADN RN's that have spent years at the bedside that are far superior nurses than a "BSN" nurse and do NOT suffer a "lack of intelligence or ambition" because they are perfectly satisfied doing exactly what they do now.

    I don't blame the LPN's for being angry and annoyed over being bullied for something and by someone....... when in actuality they are perfectly happy and satisfied the way they are. I have always felt that those who must make others feel inferior to make themselves feel better feel badly about themselves inside.

    Remember all nurses at allnurses....
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    Our call is to be supportive, not divisive.
  13. by   futurenurseOB
    Guess I have this to look forward to in nursing....cut throat I tell u