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  1. letarn2b

    Need a BSN for what again?

    Most of the nurses in my BSN program have no desire to work bedside after they get their BSN. I have an associates and I work away from the bedside already ,so I have no desire to go to the bedside. I wonder who will desire to work at the bedside not many nurse with a LPN,ASN,or BSN...so after this BSN push I do think this ideology will taper off because a majority of nurses do not want to work the bedside no matter the educational level
  2. letarn2b

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    I understand the more degrees a nurse has the less likely they will work beside.I would not work bedside with a MSN and some BSN's feel the same way.
  3. letarn2b

    Does it always get nuttier at Christmas?

    I work with ODD children and kids on the specturm,this is a tough time for them at Christmas as a lot of the kids we have are in foster care,residential and broken homes.This time of year is the worst for staff,we cant wait for break.
  4. letarn2b

    Just let me be...

    i agree if you dont like the LPN ROLE/PAY become a RN.We both do the same work but the lpn getts paid less that would make me feel mad and resentfull
  5. letarn2b

    Just let me be...

    I feel if your happy with your chocie do not defend it to anyone. I went straight RN because I did not want to take two nclexs lpn and rn and it would have taken be longer to lpn to rn because i know once i graduate from one program it will be hard for me to jump back in to studying again.
  6. letarn2b

    Too young/ early in life to be in Nursing Program?

    I feel you are in a great position getting your education at such a young age. I did the same thing bachelors then started my pre reqs at 22 and graduated 26 and lots of people were jealous telling me to to not rush school because i have my whole life etc. Most adults would love to be in your situation no kids,getting a RN license and be in a position to lead and not be led.Continue on your on the right track.
  7. depending where you are you really have to apply everywhere home health,clinics ,hospitals and something will latch on thats what i did. continue on with your bsn while u work as an nurse. i know bsns that owe over 50k for a nursing degree that is crazy ,people need to wake up and see this is all about the bottom line for these schools to make a profit
  8. I have a asn degree and most hospitals in in nyc want a Bsn.The poster that you quoted most likely has a bsn, while i will not have that degree till 1 1/2 from now.When i do graduate from a bsn program i will not qualify for a new grad position even though i have never worked in an hospital setting. The hospitals do this so they dont have to pay your for experience. I have found a job after 4-6 months, what i wanted to state is if new york wants to hire bsns in the hospital do away with aas degree but they wont do that because it is a money maker bottom line .Most of my nursing instrutors that have thier msn currently started out with thier aas.Everything leads back to money most of the leaders in the nursing profession started out with an aas and worked thier way up to an msn, but i guess they think nurses of this generation do not want to continue thier education which most actually.Most people i graduated with are enrolled in an bsn program.
  9. I say do it save the income from one job and live off the other job for approx 2 years if you can last that long with those demanding specialties,then choose a speciality because you cant too two full time jobs forever you will stroke out with the stress. if you dont have no kids and in your twenties i say do it because these are the years to set up your retirement.
  10. The job market for nyc hospitals is a joke they want 1-2years experience and a BSN. I graduated with my AAS and it tookover 4months to find a job and when i finish my BSN in the next 1 1/2 i dont qualify as a new grad because i have worked the past two years but not in a hospital setting. If they want a BSN to be the standard IN nyc they should dismiss the AAS programs since the hospitals are not hiring them. Its all a money making thing i know bsns that cant find a job also ,and a good point to consider is that bsn programs are expensive here who wants 50k debt for a rn degree when you could go to a community college and owe 15k or less for the two years and hopefully find a job after graduation and work while you get your bsn. Thats the option i choose.
  11. letarn2b

    Does nursing school break up relationships?

    Nursing school does not break up relationships ,it may put a strain on them because Of the workload. A mans going to cheat nursing school or not .
  12. letarn2b

    feeling really down....

    Your rationale on not studying a day before a test is true ....the whole day before I spent my day relaxing and watching law and order and surprise surprise I made a 84. As nursing students we know the info and sometimes when you overstudy that's when you run into the what if scenarios when answering questions.
  13. letarn2b

    Doomed to fail

    i felt the same way my first semester, I made low 80,s and their were people who worked full time and had a 90 average.Thats how the cookie crumbles as long as your passing the class thats all that matters.
  14. letarn2b

    Life as a minority in nursing

    I understand what you mean. In my school their are only two black people in the nursing program and i am one of them. Sometimes i feel like the odd ball out but I have recognized if you really want to do something do it forget what the nay sayers say. In life people are going to be for you or against you.
  15. letarn2b

    Should i quit?

    I feel the same way im easy to get stressed .I have always been a A and B student and its sad to have to struggle to pass when you put in so much effort and have the drive.I will be hanging thier and make my dreams become a reality.
  16. letarn2b

    Nurse stealing Dilaudid

    very true i know people that are nurses who have dated or cuurently married to drug dealers...