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    Let me start out by saying that I have been an LPN for 13 years, and in that time I've chosen to work in long term care. I've always loved what I do, and am happy to be able to follow a calling I've had since I was 5 years old. With that being said, I'm so ticked off with the attitude of one of the RN nursing supervisors that works at my job. She actually stated yesterday that "we are just LPN's, we're not important". I was so shocked that I didn't say anything. How long are we-as professionals-going to continue to be belittled for what we do? I thought that we are all working together to take care of the residents, from laundry all the way up to administration.
    I understand that as LPN's we don't have as much book knowledge as a RN has. But more knowledge doesn't necessarily mean better nursing skills. To me, a title on a name badge doesn't mean anything to me. My main concern is how you work, and how you care for your patients.
    I'm not wanting to get into a nurse war, but am curious how any of you would've handled the situation. I went up my chain of command and notified the ADON/DON. I want this supervisor's attitute straighted out before she either says it to the wrong person, or maybe says it to a new graduate-who will then maybe believe it themselves.
    Yes-I am "just" an LPN--and PROUD of it.

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    Continue to be proud..im sure if she needs some help she calls the just an LPN.. I have heard that alot from RNs but im usually the first person they call for help or with a question. I had family prefer and request me over the RN. I love being an LPN but I do have a need to raise the bar so I am starting the RN program in 2 weeks.. All that really matters is that you know who you are and that you get up each day to make a difference in someone's life.
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    wow really tho i am also an LVN and thought it was real funny when myself and an RN got hired around the same time and i would always hear her boasting about her being an RN and making a point of letting everyone know i was the LVN...little does everybody know that SHE comes to ME and asks what she should do with a patient...i think its actually funny people who have that much audacity(sp?) to look down on LVNs when they come running to them for help
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    If I had been in a smart-aleck mood, I might given her a piece of her own medicine by telling her, "You're just an RN. You're not important."

    Anyhow, LPNs/LVNs are the backbones of many healthcare facilities across the United States. Never allow someone to tell you that you're not important due to your title or job description.
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    You are not 'Just an LPN' you are a member of the nursing team.
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    I've always despised the phrase, "just an LPN". I remember when I was teaching a PN program, a lot of my students would use that and I'd QUICKLY admonish them; telling them don't EVER say that.

    You are not JUST anything.

    You are, like stated above, a member of the nursing team; an all-important one.
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    That attitude is much more rampant than it used to be. I hear it mostly from BSN students now. She's an idiot. Truly intelligent people don't talk that way. Not out of charity, they don't want to cause any more tension within a high stress environment. Just go ahead and tell her you're a neurosurgeon in your home country.
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    Needless to say, I'm ashamed for the action of that fellow RN, to have the audacity and address the LPN's in such a unprofessional manner is not justified in my eyes. Consequently, what some of us don't seem to understand is that we alone can't function to provide a high caliber of nursing to our patients. Furthermore, nursing is like a strand of pearls, we all contribute to the care of our patients in many levels, and when one of us breaks lose the rest can't sustained the pattern; to the demands of a well balance medical facility. It goes without saying, without CNA's, MA's, NA's, LPN's, and RN's working diligently side by side; patients are the ones who suffer the consequences. Lastly, I applaud you for taking the extra step and notifying the chain of command regarding the issue. Wishing you and the rest of the staff in your facility the best always ...Aloha~
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    I understand what you are saying. I was an LPN for 4 years and my Charge nurse(RN) would say, oh I guess I am alone tonight.. meaning no other RN. I asked her that if she was alone, how was she gonna take care, by herself, of the 29 patients that myself and the CNA's were gonna help take care? She quit that after we all threatened to go home sick every time she said it... LOL

    One night, another RN, a BSN, who "knew it all", said that she would only take information as valid if it were given her by another RN. I had worked as team leader on the same floor for 4 years, she was there for less thatn a month. I would not advise on RN-type things, but I certainly knew how the Unit worked and could help her a WHOLE lot. One night she asked something, kinda talking out loud, and I answered with the correct info. She gave me the only an Rn line and I suggested she find an Rn and ask them.(Simple floor specific question, not necessarily RN-specific). She called the house superv, who asked her if she had asked me!! and what did I tell her. LOL I thought I would bust a gut trying not to laugh. The look on her face was so funny!!! The superv told her the same thing I had said and said, next time ask MDS1!!!!!

    That being said. -----pay attention, now-- YOU ARE NOT JUST AN LPN!!!! or JUST A CNA, etc. WE ARE ALL valuable parts of a team to care for our residents/patients, EVEN the doctors are just members of the team like the rest.
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    In my experience it doesn't matter what your title says, you will always be peed on from higher up. I get it all the time, "you're just a paramedic," from RN's and docs and just about everyone else. I knew an anesthesiologist who got peeved when his anesthesia department head said, "you're JUST a provider. Let us big boys make the big decisions." I guess my point is unless you're CEO, president, or someone else at the tippy top you will always experience poop rolling downhill from insecure people. My advice is to let it go and try to focus on being the best provider you can be, and not care what wannabe big shots think.
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