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It's been 7 months and I still can't finds job. I just got an eviction notice have to be out by Monday and I have nowhere to go. I completely fell like a failure and I let everyone down. I recently... Read More

  1. by   makayleefusion360
    I am so sorry you're going through all of this. Life has a way of doing this, but don't give up. Keep looking for jobs! You will find one!
  2. by   lbohn
    I too am a new grad, and I am based out of the Houston area. I worked as a CNA in the MICU of a major hospital corporation following my first semester of nursing school; this schooling sufficed as the CNA course requirement. From what I have seen, a good number of hospitals have designated hiring periods for new grad RNs and are not willing to deviate from this course.

    Leading up to and shortly following graduation I made every effort to secure a position anywhere in my current location and then moved to searching what was available in the system. To my surprise I was not given any real positive feedback other than "check to see what is posted on the website." I believe that part of the detriment was that the unit I worked on does not hire new grads period.

    One of my coworkers that also works prn at a nearby facility in a transitional tele unit secured me a job interview with his director and I was hired on the spot. I really believe it is who you know in this competitive job market and I would really recommend looking into the possibility of working as a CNA in a major cooperation, possibly with the option of performing new grad skills. This would at least help get your foot in the door, allow you to work on your pt care skills, and best case scenario allow you to better some of your nursing skills.

    I was later offered a two positions at the previous facility, which reinforces my belief that new grad programs have designated hiring periods. Good luck with everything!
  3. by   brandy1017
    NYC has closed down some hospitals due to unreimbursed care for the poor and of course you are dealing with a lot of competition from all the schools popping out nurses. Hopefully you can move back home to your parents till things get better.
  4. by   OCNRN63
    Quote from samadams8
    Wow. OK, not all home care agencies will hire without experience, but some will. Find a telemetry or EKG monitoring program, and get a job as a tele tech in the mean time, if you can. Take a med or CNA job if you have to until you can find something better. They pay better that BK. Also, try psych tech or mental health tech at rehab places or places with psych units. Can you relocate? Did you attempt to collect any unemployment?
    You have to lose a job to collect unemployment; you can't collect just because you can't find a job after you graduate from school.
  5. by   samadams8
    Yes, but we don't know that she didn't work while in school. Lots of people do. She got a job at BK--didn't note how many hours. If she had worked a lot of hours while in school, she could make up any difference in pay to a certain degree. At any rate, this varies from state to state.

    She may definitely have to relocate after doing some research, but relocation costs money too. I'm really feeling the frustration for many new grads. It's just a whole different world nowadays.
  6. by   pinkessence_58467
    Have you tired talking to your nursing instructors, maybe they can help or even talk to unemployment maybe they can help you find a job that pays better than burger king. What about your classmates, are they having those problems or maybe they can put a good word in with there supervisor. Remember things happen for a reason and things look rough now but it will get better and you will realize that you are touching people's lives and making a difference.
  7. by   pnkgirl25
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  8. by   martymoose
    you know , though, for the fact that BK prob pays the same as an aide/tech, I would take the BK job in a minute!
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from jrwest
    you know , though, for the fact that BK prob pays the same as an aide/tech, I would take the BK job in a minute!
    In the neck of the woods where I live, Burger King starts workers out at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour while the CNA/tech jobs pay between $10 to $15 per hour.
  10. by   joannalpn
    Hi I hope things have gotten better for you!!

    Sending prayers and good wishes out for you,hang in there, education is never a waste of time, it will get better.
  11. by   mc3
    Quote from nekozuki
    Yipe. I'm down in central FL, and every single one of my classmates had multiple job offers immediately after the nclex scores came through (home health, hospice and LTC, no hospitals though). Have you looked into home health? Down here, you don't even have to get "hired" in, just show up with your license and a clean bill of health, and they set up orientation.
    Don't know where you are in central fl but I haven't seen the situation you describe...county to county may be different. Starting pay is generally $14 to $16 per hour..
  12. by   martymoose
    Quote from TheCommuter
    In the neck of the woods where I live, Burger King starts workers out at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour while the CNA/tech jobs pay between $10 to $15 per hour.
    where I am BK may be min. wage, but tech starts at 8-9 $ , I'd rather flip burgers lol
  13. by   SuzieVN
    I heard about the Dallas area- something like 2000 nursing home patients have been, or will be discharged, and mabey 50 nursing homes closed because of the budget crisis.