Dr said no hope for lpn for me :(

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    Sorry if this post doesn't belong here I was unsure if I should post on student nursing or actual lpn board. So ill remove it if I'm in wrong place.

    I'll try and make this short. I'm 30 and I been wanting to go to school for lpn (who knows maybe bridge to rn) so bad...it's all I'm focused on. I'm trying to find a good school in my area but that's hard and a whole other topic lol..:.so every now and then I have issues with my back (lower back pain and pain in right leg) so I have to watch how I do things a lot. Well back went out few days ago and I'm in bed and can't move...the pain is really bad so my husband helped me up and took me to ER. The doctor came in didn't even physically exam me but said he would do pee test and X-rays. Ok no problem. They get results back he comes in tells me it's Sciatica (sp?) and ask me what I do for a living (this was the most he even spoke to me while I was there) I said I'm trying to get into nursing school..he said RN? I said for now LPN he rolls his eyes and tells me my best bet is to just stay in bed and give up my pipe dream since my back goes out sometimes. So needless to say I came home crying in pain still because they did NOTHING....told me to take Aleve (which I have been and it didn't help). So I'm still in bed and I keep having a pitty party thinking ill never be a lpn. I guess the way the dr said it just upset me but if I wasn't it so much pain I wouldn't have let it bother me I don't think. I guess I'm just coming here to ask is this just a pip dream for me? Do you think I can still do this with my back being this way sometimes? Any advice would be great...thanks

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    DR. Dolittle didn't even really exam you or try to treat you.
    Get a real opinion before you even think about giving up.
    Please see my private message.
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    While ER Docs are pretty good at many things, they're usually not specialists in orthopedics, neurology, or pain management. Before you accept defeat, let de feet take you to a physician that specializes in care, management, and rehab of back/spine problems.
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    If you really want to be an LPN so badly, you can do it! It is passionate people who will show all the people who put LPNs down just what and how much we can exactly do! Follow your dream. If you do become an RN, you will be a better RN because you were an LPN first!

    I'm sorry for your physical and emotional suffering.
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    Follow your dreams.... He examined you for five minutes and made that assumption. Leave the opinions to your primary doc... Or even a specialist. Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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    Back pain can be debilitating and may or may not prevent a person from working.

    Before you make a decision, you need to work with your doctor to find how how bad your condition is, and what can be done. Once the acute phase has passed you would probably benefit from PT to learn proper body mechanics and to strengthen your core muscles. That's very important for your quality of life whether you end up going for your LPN or not.

    LPN often, but not always, tend to do a lot of bending, twisting, lifting in the the course of their jobs. I had a Dr once tell me I shouldn't go to nursing school, become a nurse...that was >30 years ago. Yet here I am.

    It really depends on how bad your back is, and how successful your rehab is. Good luck.
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    I've had sciatica since my 2nd son was born in 1994 and I also have piriformis issues. I currently work as an NA and am in school for my RN. It hasn't slowed me down yet!
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    follow your dreams my dear and don't let ANYONE box you in. i have occasional back issues...had them for nearly 20 yrs and am an lpn. you just have to know yourself and how to move and protect yourself from further injury. i've been a med asst in pedis for 4 yrs and: restraining kids for shots, sutures, blood draws...you name it. it's all in the way you physically prepare yourself. i have a herniated disc, sciatica due to pregnancy and a slight case of rheumatoid arthritis and the only time i've thrown my back out in those 4 yrs was slipping on a patch of ice. that being said take care of yourself. go to school and get your lpn if that's what's in your heart. more importantly get another opinion. don't let one man's opinion crush your dreams. you can do this! ;D
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    Thanks everyone! I do agree I need to see a doctor who specializes in stuff like this...I was just so upset at getting information like this after this doctor had not even physically examined me and literally spent 2mins speaking to me total.

    Thanks again for the advice it seriously made me feel better about the whole thing and have hope it's not just a pipe dream
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    What a jerk!

    I have sciatica now and then - started in 1979. Still working as a bedside nurse. Pursue your dream- and find a real doctor to treat your problem.

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