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    so i passed my boards on april 12,2011, and i got my lpn license in dc...however it's mid june and i still have no job offers. i currently work as a er tech at a small dc hospital, and when i was hired (back in nov 2010) i was told that i would be hired as an lpn for my unit....well as soon as i received my license my hospital changed their tune and refused to hire me as an lpn because they're "phasing lpn's out in the er" because they want to have "magnet status" even though there are still 3 lpn currently working on my unit and neither one of them have yet to get a move on to obtaining their rn degree...even though they know that i already have a bs degree and a lpn license and i started my application process with excelsior, and that i want to get my rn done asap so i can continue to a crna degree...i'm so frustrated, because i need my lpn experience and i realized that i hate my job because i feel like i'm under a glass ceiling since i'm only 'ass'isting the nurses rather than working on the same level...i tried to contact the head nursing administrators but no one will respond to my calls or emails...ugh...i'm to the point where i feel sick to my stomach with my job...i feel like my days are numbered.

    anyways, i've come up with a plan to relocate to florida. i just applied for endorsement, and i'm playing the waiting game now...i know there are some who say that the lpn job market sucks in fl, but i think i have a much better opportunity in fl than here in dc...i mean dc only has about 8 hospitals and fl has more than 100 (i think...lol)...hopefully my lack of lpn experience won't hinder me and that my recent er experience will help me.
    the funny thing is that i have a feeling that when i come back to visit dc, my hospital will still have those same lpn's working there, and i will already have my rn degree...talk about "magnet status"...yeah right...lol

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    go back to school and become a real RN
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    First off congrats on passing your boards! FYI, the job market is tight all over. I live in FL. I'm a RN. My sister works as a LPN at the VA in Miami. There are plenty of hospitals and nursing homes down here. Try to get a job offer before moving down here though and look everywhere hospitals and LTC. And definitely go for your RN, it'll make your life easier. Good luck.

    P.S. Harsh, buffmurse.
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    Quote from BuffMurse
    go back to school and become a real RN
    Don't even start on that one. I mean it. Seen enough of that attitude on the board lately, and it is irritating me.

    Congrats on passing the boards OP! I set up interviews before I passed mine and ended up failing.....by 2 marks. Luckily my employer let me work as a UCP and I passed in Feb2011. I'm happy to hear you're relocating for work. Something new to try Please keep us updated on how you make out in Fl.
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    I was in the same predicament. As an LPN I worked part time in the hospital as a CNA to keep my benefits and foot in the door. I also worked another part time LPN job and graduated from Excelsior in 10 months after getting my LPN license. My advice? Suck it up and don't burn your bridges. By the time you relocate and find a new job in Florida you could be very close to being done with Excelsior (if you're motivated). You'll have a better chance getting a better paying RN job at your current hospital than starting new somewhere else.
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    Congrats on passing your boards! It's good you are able to relocate. Best of luck to you.

    Quote from BuffMurse
    go back to school and become a real RN
    That's really uncalled for.
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    So "Magnet status" is taking the blame for this one?
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    Hey at least it's only been 3 months. It took me 6 months to find a position as an RN while working as an aide.

    I feel you, it's frustrating. Although I miss saying "let me go get your nurse" to the things I don't want to deal with.
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    "Go back to school and become a real RN." LAME. For those of you who are unaware, an LPN is a nurse...hence the "N".
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    Quote from joanna73
    "Go back to school and become a real RN." LAME. For those of you who are unaware, an LPN is a nurse...hence the "N".
    As an RN that has worked over the years always quite well with some smart LPNs we are all real nurses. I hate to see that wrote myself and its disrespectful to fellow nurses.

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