Best and Worst places for LPN opportunities

  1. After I pass my nclex i was thinking of relocating to a new place. I was wondering which states i should look into for good LPN opportunities and which states are NOT so great for LPN's... i wanna know how much was your starting and from what state...

    currently reside in jersey...
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  3. by   ChristinP
    A year ago Connecticut was a great place for LPNs but the job market has taken a hit. The last three jobs I applied to were advertised as RN/LPN after applying I was actually told "we are waiting to see if more RNs apply before we decide.. too bad you aren't a RN" UGH! I love being a LPN and wouldn't change except there are more job opportunities for RNs
  4. by   Mazee
    i had connecticut on my list before due to the fact that i was drawn by how great housing was, and i was told the school system was very good as well. but like you said the job market out there now has taken a hit.
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    I think the only areas with many openings will be rual areas. Even with that I don't know any states with a surplus of jobs. Good luck to you.
  6. by   joeliejean
    Same thing is happening in Seattle, WA area. LPN positions are being fazed out. Many LPN's working in hospitals were "let go". I have been applying many places. Alot of fellow nurses have told me my best bet is LTC. But even there I havent had any luck with calls back. I finally recieved a call back from a methadone clinic. So hopefully I land that job! I'm returning to school in fall for my RN. My advice to you would be to go on for your RN. Much more opportunity =)
  7. by   tenishlpn
    I live in Pittsburgh and a few of my classmates have started at 18/hour. I'm actually still looking.
  8. by   CT Pixie
    Have to echo the sentiment of stay away from Connecticut. Since becoming licensed (07-2008) the job market for LPN's has drastically dried up. Yes, there are jobs, but not as plentiful as they were say 18 months ago. The ones that are there, well, they are asking for experience. Even WITH experience, its has gotten harder and harder to gain employment. So being a brand new grad, your options are even more scaled back. Add to that, our scope of practice is very limited. I would venture to say that CT has one of the tightest restrictions of LPNs scope in the Country.
  9. by   Mazee
    Thank you all. I guess all that's left really is a little bit of luck and persistency to get a job anywhere regardless of where to apply.
  10. by   CaliBoy760
    If you are having a hard time finding work I would suggest looking in to Registry Nursing. Here in Cali they're always hiring. Doesn't necessarily mean that you'll work every day but it keeps your resume looking like you have worked continually, which seems to be important to a lot of hiring managers these days.
  11. by   fxmama
    What kind of registry work are you referring to caliboy760? I am also in cali, searching relentlessly for a new job, and a new grad to boot. I am literally pounding pavement every single day in my search...
  12. by   CaliBoy760
    Solvere, Westways Staffing, Allied Health Professionals, RL Klein, Pacifica Medical, to name a few.
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  13. by   pixiestudent2
    Well, I'm not a nurse but there seems to be alot of postings online and in the newspaper and Employment guide publications for LPNs in Pittsburgh PA. Not in hospitals but lots and lots of LTC.
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  14. by   JamiR369
    I'm in Central NJ and 75% of LPN positions are in long term care. The rest is either in offices, home care agencies/Hospice or clinics in the hospital. I work 3 days in LTC and 2 days in an inpatient hospice unit in the hospital but not "part of the hospital".