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Is this a good place to start as new grad? My goal at first is to just get some well rounded experience. The place i am looking at going is a LTAC facility that trains lpns up to work with ventilators and gets you IV... Read More

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    I'm considering applying for a LTACH. All of this information has been very helpful. Ultimately, I want to work in the ICU. It sounds like a lot of the skills I will learn will be applicable if I did work in a LTAC. Query: do any LTAC require a work commitment?

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    Most don't require a commitment. I would make sure to ask a lot of questions first. I was at one. They promised to get me ACLS cert, IV cert., etc. Guess what.. after 2 months I still was not closer. I left that place ASAP. They patients are often very very ill. If someone codes we were expected to take care of it, not to send them via ambulance even though often there was no doc on site, and if we were lucky one RN. There were issues and incidents. After a very serious happend I quit after that shift. No way would I go back.

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