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NurseElaine has 11 years experience and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. NurseElaine

    LPN to RN - Can't afford it!

    I am in the process of enrolling in school to get my RN. I put it off for many years d/t the cost, but I finally decided that I'm going back and will take out loans to do it. After all it is an investment that will definitely pay off! I tried Excelsior and it just didn't work for me. My hats off to those that make a success of Excelsior!!! Anyway, good luck in whatever you decide.
  2. NurseElaine

    Need some advice....

    Recently started working at rehab/healthcare as treatment nurse.Received 1/2 day of orient. on treatment cart, from then on I was on my own. Never received facility orientation. I like my job however, I have been getting frustrated lately. The facility is a year old (this month) and do not have any effective programs/systems in place. Now, corporate wants all of their programs/systems to be revamped, and running smoothly within 1 week. I have only been there 4 wks and it feels like 4 yrs. Have been working OT since my 2nd day d/t workload. Staffing says they can't orientate because no one will do treatments. Don't like moving from job to job, but what should I do? I was assigned a "special project", a ton of paperwork, which is do on Monday. When given the assignment I said that I would not have everything done by Monday. Not to mention that this is an addition to my day-to-day assignment. The other nurses have been coming in early 2AM-3AM and leaving late 7PM-8PM (regular ly scheduled hours are 8a-5p). ANY ADVICE???? I could go on and on....
  3. NurseElaine

    my first day off orientation.. vent

    I will also be starting my first day of orientation this week. I've been around SNFs for a while so I am prepared for just about anything as far as "orientations" go:rolleyes:. I am however, going in with a good attitude and plan to make the best of it. Sorry, your first day didn't go so well, hang in there!!
  4. NurseElaine

    Job Hunting in Texas

    Thank you all for your quick input!!! I actually went on an interview today and got the job! I'm looking forward to starting w/o the added stress of the meds.And to think ,I was doing all of the above plus the meds.Makes me wonder how I did it all before:bugeyes:. I do like the idea of being able to perform more skills and being less stressed. Thanks again for your quick replies. Wish me luck on my new adventure!!!!:loveya:
  5. NurseElaine

    Job Hunting in Texas

    After months of waiting, I finally received my endorsement license from the state of Texas ( I moved here from Ca). Anyway, after applying to a few SNFs, I found out that they utilize med aides. Where I am from the LVNs did pretty much everything. Med pass for 30+ residents, Txs, admit/discharge, etc. One particular facility I applied to, the ADON made comments about the LVNs not being able to complete their assigned duties and they had med aides to passs their meds. I'm just curious as to what the LVN duties are in the SNF when they have med aides. I know it varies from facility to facility and even geographically. I think it's great they have med aides, I just wasn't aware of any working in SNFs. I would appreciate any input . Thanks!
  6. NurseElaine


    Thanks for the compliment! Nice to hear that we are appreciated by RNs.
  7. NurseElaine

    Oh God, A NURSE is my pt!!!!

    I too have had a nurse as a patient and she was great! Very pleasant, patient, and understanding. We worked 8 hr shifts, so when the nurses made there rounds at the beginning of the shift, we basically went over what her needs would be for the shift and kind of worked out a schedule with her. Not that we were giving her any "special attention" but because she understood what it was like to work on the floor as a nurse (call lights constantly buzzing, demanding pts./family members, our workload, etc., etc.) and knew that our days could get hectic. She totally put the myth that doctors/nurses make the worst patients to rest. She was awesome and we all missed her when she was dischared. She was there for rehab and wasn't with us very long. One of the most memorable patients I've had.
  8. NurseElaine

    Nursing Home Rehab Units

    I totally agree, it is dangerous to have that many high acuity patients in Geri rehab. I worked on a unit such as this before and to say that it was challenging is really stating it mildly (next to impossible to really give the kind of care that is necessary). New grad nurses that started on the unit didn't last beyond 2 wks. As far as the more experienced nurses, after a day of working on the unit, refused to accept an assignment there any longer. It is a very stressful environment. I stayed for about 3 mths before being transferred to LTC unit. Most miserable work environment ever. I know exactly what you are dealing with. Good luck.
  9. NurseElaine

    Rate Kaiser Permanente as a health plan

    I'll try to make it short because I could share stories from my own personal experience as well as friends and family members. I/we found the care to be very inappropriate. Did you ever get to see a specialist,and if so how long did you have to wait? Clinic visits--found that you practically had to diagnose yourself--go in there stating what the problem was and what the treatment should be. In-pt care was good only if you had someone at the bedside to advocate for you (in otherwords, raise he**!!!) to get the care you deserve.
  10. NurseElaine

    Convalescent Hospital turning Psych

    woosp, I worked at a facility in Ca where pretty much the exact same thing happened. These 'newer' patients created major problems in that the other residents and staff members safety became a concern. For some strange reason, it was "difficult" per admin to have them transferred elsewhere. There were a couple instances where the police were called in d/t violence and aggression exhibited by the younger residents who were very manipulative and put on acts of good behavior in police presence. The situation was totally out of control. Most of the residents that had been there for many years were being transferred to other facilities to make room for those that had multi psych issues. Nurses that had worked there 10+ yrs. ended up quitting. It really is sad and upsetting. Not much can be done about it that I'm aware of. When new administration takes over, they definitely have there own agenda. Good luck.
  11. NurseElaine

    Online CPR courses

    Thanks for the info BigB!!!
  12. NurseElaine

    Unfair ADON

    My DON also used to say "If you found it, you fix it" all in the spirit of "teamwork". Just remember to keep the patients safety in mind. I would also bring the errors to the attention of the nurses responsible. Could they have possibly been overlooked? If the problem IS ongoing, I would bring it to the attention of the DON.
  13. NurseElaine

    Online CPR courses

    Can anyone give me info on online CPR courses? My BLS expires in July and I was wondering if I could re-cert online. I've heard that these courses exist but are they accredited? Thanks for any info.:spin:
  14. NurseElaine

    transfering to Texas...

    I am currently going through a similiar situation. I , too, transferred my license to TX and had to pay the additional fee of $150 d/t a past conviction. I believe that you were initially denied because you didn't reveal the conviction (even it it was a misdemeanor) . I did reveal mines and was told that had I not, there would have possibly been additional fees (up to $350). It has taken 6 months, and finally I will be issued a TX license w/stipulations for the first year. The stipulations are that I must attend 2 board approved classes within that first year on jurisprudence/moral ethics. I know that this can be a VERY stressful time, it was for me, but just keep in mind that the board is trying to weed out the really "bad apples". I was really discouraged through the whole process, and I know how you must feel, however, it is a process that you must go through to obtain your TX licensure. Just hang in there and be patient. Feel free to email if you have anymore questions. Good luck!!!
  15. NurseElaine

    money back from RUE?

    I have also dealt with RUE in the past and was unsuccessful at cancelling my contract. I finally stopped paying and as a result, my credit has been affected. Because of this past experience, I have been afraid to pursue similiar programs.
  16. NurseElaine

    One week orientation at nursing home w/25 pt's?

    Only 25 patients? As you can tell from previous posts, that's pretty good! How about 35-40 on AM shift?? If you don't feel comfortable, ask for more orientation, after all it's your license on the line. I always encourage new grads to ask for as much time as they think they'll need. If you have a supportive staff, it shouldn't be a problem. We all had to start somewhere. Welcome to LTC!!!!