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feisty_lpn is a LPN and specializes in HH, Psych, MR/DD, geriatric, agency.

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  1. feisty_lpn

    FAFSA question

    I just accepted a full-time night shift position today. Three days ago, not knowing this opportunity was going to fall in my lap, I enrolled in LPN to RN courses at a local college. My FAFSA went through, signed up for classes, etc etc. I do not want to put off furthering my career, however, I -know- I am not going to be able to juggle full-time night shifts then go to campus full-time as well. When will I sleep? LOL I was curious if anyone knew of an online LPN to RN/BSN program that accepts FAFSA.
  2. feisty_lpn


    I read in another thread about nurses being blacklisted. I'm a little confused because I thought blacklisting was outlawed decades ago. How do you know if you're being blacklisted? Past employers are not permitted to reveal any negative information that could hinder a future employment opportunity. Future employers are not permitted to ask certain questions of you or of your references. If they get caught, the employee affected can consult a lawyer. I guess I'm just confused. I thought there were laws that protected us from blacklisting.
  3. feisty_lpn

    I want to take my patients with me to my new HH job.

    I work for two agencies currently. I made it a personal rule to not reveal this to my patients/families. I signed a "No Compete" contract with each agency and this is the best way I found to keep it under wraps.
  4. feisty_lpn

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    home health 3rd shift $23/hr Ohio
  5. feisty_lpn

    Mild Hearing Loss

    I too have hearing loss. I've been battling a cholesteoma in my right ear for years. I've had two surgeries to have it removed and am now completely deaf in that ear. The last surgery was in July and I lost my job over it (long story, but I learned a valuable lesson). I am so glad to know that there are other hearing impaired nurses. I've tried to keep my disability hidden because of the stigma I tend to experience when it becomes common knowledge. So many times I've been tempted to have "I'm deaf, not dumb" tattoo'd on my forehead. LOL
  6. feisty_lpn

    Nursing Shortage?

    Five years ago, there were pages of facilities and hospitals advertising for LPNs and RNs on the classified boards. Now, not so much. Maybe one page. I agree with the above posters... its not that the jobs are not there, its that the funding is not there to fill those positions. Medicare/Medicaid cuts started by the wonderful (note the sarcasm) Governor Taft in 2005 have been made worse by the economy. Costs of providing care have gone up while reimbursements have stayed the same (or even reduced in some cases). Facilities have to cut costs somewhere and, unfortunately, staffing is one of the first to be affected.
  7. feisty_lpn

    Medical Assistant looking to become LPN

    Don't bother with your LPN. Ohio is so saturated with them that there is not a shortage. Go straight for your RN. You'll have better job prospects.
  8. feisty_lpn

    Nurses setting up other nurses!

    A disheartening aspect of nursing that I learned through experience is that we (as a profession) are caring and compassionate to our patients and their families... but not with each other. Its sad.
  9. feisty_lpn

    LPN Independent Provider

    I'm seriously considering becoming an Independent Provider for Medicaid. However, I need an RN Supervisor and I have no clue how to find one of those. I understand I have to pay him/her out of pocket, but where do I find one?
  10. feisty_lpn

    Most RN's first borns?

    Not an RN yet but I'm first born and father is a recovering alcoholic.
  11. feisty_lpn

    Financial Aid Help PLEASE

    You may be over the limit for Pell Grants, etc, but I would think that you would still qualify for student loans. Just from your description of your current employment and the LPN program you're interested in, are you in Knox County? If so, I can give you the name and number of the woman who is in charge of the WIA program. They help college students pay for anything college-related.
  12. feisty_lpn

    How has nursing affected your marriage?

    This is especially directed at those of us who went through nursing school & began our careers while married w/ children. If I knew then how my career was going to affect to my marriage now, I don't know if I would have made the same choice.
  13. feisty_lpn

    Preplacement testing

    I guess they hired me. I got fingerprinted and drug tested. They gave me the test back and requested that I go over the questions I missed.
  14. feisty_lpn

    PN awaiting on nclex results!

    Every NCLEX exam is different. The student taking the test beside you may have predominately med questions whereas you may have tons of patient care and diseases questions. Definately study your weaker subjects (for me that was meds) and just brush up on the subjects you're comfortable with. Easier said than done, but don't stress over preparing for the NCLEX. Don't over-study and definately don't read too much into the questions. Just answer what is asked.
  15. feisty_lpn

    Preplacement testing

    I just took one for Maxim and boy did I feel like an idiot. I guess its true... if you don't use it, you lose it. There's all kinds of questions... IVs, Rx, care plans, patient care for specific illness, etc. It didn't focus on one nursing setting (LTC or hospital) either. Another thing I didn't like about it is that I'm an LPN and there were tons of RN questions on there. I had no clue the answer to some of those so I guessed.
  16. feisty_lpn


    I'm not real impressed with Intelistaf. I faxed them my resume and a recruiter called me this morning. Maybe she was new to her job, but she asked me questions that were very clearly answered on my resume. When I would answer a question, she would say "Oh yeah, I see that you have that on your resume".

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