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  1. feisty_lpn

    I don't want to regret staying in Nursing....LPN-RN

    If I knew then what I know now, I would NOT have became a nurse for all the reasons you stated and more. Follow your heart. Not what your family says. Its your life and your career, whatever you choose.
  2. feisty_lpn

    Seeing Psychiatrist hurt job chances in this market

    It is no one's business but you, your husband, and your psychiatrist. No one will know unless you tell them. And yes, it's illegal for them to ask you that question or any other health question. That being said, your BON may ask you at some point if you have been dx with a serious mental illness (Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc). Depression/anxiety are not generally 'red flags' for BONs (as far as I know). So... relax. Concentrate on school and your family. :)
  3. feisty_lpn

    Only at a job for a few weeks?

    You should stick it out until something else comes along. The job market is rough for all nurses, not just new grads. You need the experience. As for your resume, you should put it on there. Employers have all kinds of ways to verify former employers... credit reports, FICA records, etc etc. When the interview question comes up about your current employment, simply state that you are gaining valuable experience and time management skills there but you want to broaden your horizons.
  4. feisty_lpn

    change is here.

    I also am in rural Ohio. Keep your job! Jobs here for LPNs are few and far between... even with experience.
  5. feisty_lpn

    Can't work 3rd shift due to Seroquel @ night

    I, respectfully, disagree. The OP found a regimen that works for her and allows her to function. To flip-flop her medication schedule could be detrimental to her and to the patients in her care while her body adjusts. She may not respond well, have to resume the previous schedule, and go through all of that again.
  6. feisty_lpn

    Things that should be banned in acute care.

    I really hope you've just had a bad night on the floor and needed to vent some pet peeves. If you're serious, wow.
  7. 1. Do you love, like or hate your job? ---I like my job 2. What field of nursing are you in? ---Home health 3. Are you FT, PT, PD? ---FT 4. Do you look forward to going to work or dread it? ---Most days, I look forward to it. I found that if I dread it, start the day in a bad mood, thats how my whole day is going to go. So I try to have a positive attitude. 5. What gives you the most job satisfaction? ---At the end of the day, knowing that I did a good job to the best of my abilities... regardless if anyone else notices or not. I notice and thats what counts. 6. On a scale of 0-10 (0 being least stressful, 10 being most stressful) how stressed does your job make you? ---Most days, 3 or 4. But sometimes, its a 10... depending on the parent's mood. :) 7. What causes you the most job stress? ---Parents that nitpick and expect more services than what I am there to provide just because a previous nurse would bend the rules for them. 8. What do you think could make your job better, so you get the most joy and satisfaction out of your work day? ---Patient families that just allow me to do my job with their child without hovering every minute. I understand there are some untrustworthy home health nurses out there, but I am not one of them. Usually, it doesn't bother me but some days it does. I've done nothing for patient families to NOT trust me, but because of previous experience with other nurses, they have no respect or trust. Which is sad.
  8. feisty_lpn

    Really undecided...I need help...Please!

    You answered your own question. :) Every nurse, no matter which road they take in this profession, will lose skills that are not needed/used. You're happy in your current job. You have time for your family. Enjoy it!! :)
  9. feisty_lpn

    Was I wrong?

    I recently had an in-home orientation with a new assignment that raised red flags for me. 1] Family required/wanted more care than what I was being sent there for. A 3rd child that needed repositioning through the night while Mom slept. Mom wanted dishes/laundry done for the entire family at times, not just for the two children I would be caring for. 2] Mom's house rules require no television, no radios, no laptops, etc. Nurses are to be quiet and sit at the kitchen table until the children needed repositioning after HS care is completed. I called the office this morning to clarify for myself what was expected of me and the (I feel) unrealistic expectations from Mom on the night nurses. I relayed to the office my concerns (legally and professionally) over repositioning a child that I am not there to serve (What if one of us were to be injured??). I also expressed my concerns over being able to stay awake without some kind of visual/auditory stimulation (I fall asleep if I read, so that was out). I asked if I could use a personal, portable DVD player at the kitchen table... "Not if Mom is against it" was the answer I got. Which I have no problem with house rules, but how are we supposed to stay awake?? So anyway, I was excited to get this case... easy, good pay, great kids, etc. But when the office called me back (after discussing my phone conversation amongst each other, I assume), I was essentially fired from that case... "We won't be sending you back". Was I wrong to express my concerns? Was I over-reacting?
  10. feisty_lpn

    FAFSA question

    I just accepted a full-time night shift position today. Three days ago, not knowing this opportunity was going to fall in my lap, I enrolled in LPN to RN courses at a local college. My FAFSA went through, signed up for classes, etc etc. I do not want to put off furthering my career, however, I -know- I am not going to be able to juggle full-time night shifts then go to campus full-time as well. When will I sleep? LOL I was curious if anyone knew of an online LPN to RN/BSN program that accepts FAFSA.
  11. feisty_lpn


    I read in another thread about nurses being blacklisted. I'm a little confused because I thought blacklisting was outlawed decades ago. How do you know if you're being blacklisted? Past employers are not permitted to reveal any negative information that could hinder a future employment opportunity. Future employers are not permitted to ask certain questions of you or of your references. If they get caught, the employee affected can consult a lawyer. I guess I'm just confused. I thought there were laws that protected us from blacklisting.
  12. feisty_lpn

    I want to take my patients with me to my new HH job.

    I work for two agencies currently. I made it a personal rule to not reveal this to my patients/families. I signed a "No Compete" contract with each agency and this is the best way I found to keep it under wraps.
  13. feisty_lpn

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    home health 3rd shift $23/hr Ohio
  14. feisty_lpn

    Mild Hearing Loss

    I too have hearing loss. I've been battling a cholesteoma in my right ear for years. I've had two surgeries to have it removed and am now completely deaf in that ear. The last surgery was in July and I lost my job over it (long story, but I learned a valuable lesson). I am so glad to know that there are other hearing impaired nurses. I've tried to keep my disability hidden because of the stigma I tend to experience when it becomes common knowledge. So many times I've been tempted to have "I'm deaf, not dumb" tattoo'd on my forehead. LOL
  15. feisty_lpn

    Nursing Shortage?

    Five years ago, there were pages of facilities and hospitals advertising for LPNs and RNs on the classified boards. Now, not so much. Maybe one page. I agree with the above posters... its not that the jobs are not there, its that the funding is not there to fill those positions. Medicare/Medicaid cuts started by the wonderful (note the sarcasm) Governor Taft in 2005 have been made worse by the economy. Costs of providing care have gone up while reimbursements have stayed the same (or even reduced in some cases). Facilities have to cut costs somewhere and, unfortunately, staffing is one of the first to be affected.