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Hi everyone, I am considering taking the VM course; however I have been laid off from work so money is very tight, I would have to get a loan. I would love to hear from anyone who has taken it recently, maybe as recent at... Read More

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    I belong to a Legal Nurse Listserve. There was a recent discussion on the listserve about the, "Legal Nurse Courses", and their efficacy.

    An eperienced LNC responded, that she had attended an LNC program, and approached the person conducting an LNC program. She responded:

    "I asked one of those course leaders how many of her ~350 attendees in attendance that session would actually “make it” as an LNC. I can’t remember her exact words but it was something to the effect of maybe 1 or 2".

    This goes to show that they know that few, if any of the individuals would actually pursue a career as an LNC, and even fewer, would be successful. They are selling a, "pie in the sky", dream to nurses who are desparate to get out of bedside nursing, but cannot go back to school for a graduate degree, or a complete career change. They are looking for a way to use the nursing degree that they already have to make a living, but get as far away from bedside nursing as they can.

    It is disgrace that they take advantage of their fellow nurses in the manner that they do. The moral of the story is, let the buyer beware. Think before you spend large sums of money, and/or, take out a loan to attend and complete an LNC program that is more hype than content.

    If you need to have quality nursing experience in areas like Critical Care, ER, OB, OR. If you cannot write well, and be able to articulate your findings to an attorney who has probably not taken a science class since they were in the 8th grade, you will not be successful as an LNC.

    All of the high priced LNC programs are not going to buy credibility with an attorney.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN,BSN,CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    I met a woman one time who graduated from a bona fide paralegal program, then could not get hired in the field at all, and ended up working for a temp agency doing the same work as people with limited English skills. She still had student loans to pay. Anyone who attends further education in anticipation of a job, should do so with a clear view of reality.
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    I had interview for the first time for a CLNC staffing agency since being a CLNC in 2008 and i did not pass the
    1. EXCEL

    I passed the typing...the pay was $30 /hr bec i have no CLNC experience despite being an RN x 19 years and Internationally x 27 years....BTW...this has no bennies...I would pay 10 bucks a day on parking and train ride for over x 1 hour ....If i only known this..I would not have taken the VMI course....I know some illegal baby sitters in my neigborhood who are earning about what I am earning even if i was a CLNC thru a staffing agency....

    Beware of these staffing LNC agencies...they have no MEDICAL BACKGROUND...the lady who interviewed me told me that she was a PAINTER....

    thanks Lindarn and Callioter for your education and input and to everyone on these thread....
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