Spencerian students reinstated

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    My wife was attending Spencerian College here in Louisville back in the Spring when her and 12 other students were expelled from the program. It was near the end of the semester and they had a final exam which 13 students failed out of 30 some odd students. Well they were allowed to retake the exam but were told that they would have to make a B vs. the C that was in the contract. Well again they failed and were dropped from the roll. One of the students retained an attorney and informed the others that she was going to fight this. The attorney investigated the complaint, and sent a letter to the school stating that these students were wrongfully expelled and what they expected. So, just last month my wife and all the ones who failed were individually called and invited back to Spencerian to complete their ADN degree. By requiring a B be made on the repeat test, the school violated their own original contract with the students. Meanwhile the school has went through a management change and is motivated in assisting the students in completing their degree in December. So, to those of you that feel mislead or out and out lied to by a nursing school, this should serve as a reminder that you have rights when you sign a contract so make sure that both you and the school adhere to it.
    Good luck to all of you who are in school!!

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    Wow! That is amazing!
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    My school instituted a curriculum change and forced unreasonable deadlines on students already in the pipeline. Some students went to an attorney and the attorney convinced the school to do the right thing. However, the next class was not successful in the attorney department. I believe that no one thought it could be done twice. Sometimes the legal route works, and sometimes it just angers the power structure more.
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    Well in this instance the school had violated a written contract with the students so they had no leg to stand on. Unreasonable deadlines are a subjective measure that the school can manipulate to their own means and validate themselves to authorities. Both instances point out the fact that with the nursing shortage so bad and with so many schools cropping up for RN degrees, Consumer Beware!
    God bless them all...everyone...Nurses!
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    I am in the LPN program at spencerian and this is definately something I had no idea about. The director of the program quit at the end of last quarter. I was so happy when I found out she had left though because NOBODY liked her! The assistant director is now the director and he is very nice and understanding. Hopefully with him in charge he is able to make some changes so the ADN program and get a better rep and raise their nclex pass rate! congrats to your wife!
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    I actually went to school with the new guy and yeah you're probably right.
    Good luck!
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    Do you happen to know what attorney they used? I am having difficulty with a school and it sounds similar to your wife's situation where the school has violated a written agreement. I don't really want to get into too many details at this point but it would really be helpful to know what attorney they went through. Thanks!
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    I'm at work now but will let you know ASAP!
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    That would be great! Thanks!
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    Sorry took so long...the name is Valenti down on Main St in Louisville. Good luck!

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