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  1. wishinguponastarLPN

    I got tricked!

    So a friend of mine started at a facility at the same time. We both were originally hired in PRN, then on our second day of orientation were both offered Full Time positions. I was hired 7a-7p on one unit and she was hired for 7p-7a on a completely different unit. Originally we were being paid PRN pay because thats what we were hired in as. The ADON is the one that offered us both the full time positions, then quit about 2 weeks later. HR recently approached me and asked if the ADON mentioned anything to me about a difference in pay when she offered me the Full Time position. I told the No (which she did not). HR said well we pay Full Time less so we will have to drop your pay to Full Time pay. So I said ok and signed the paper. Also, I worked in this Full Time position about 3-4 weeks before HR approached me. My friend on the other hand told the Unit Manager, our DON and the HR person that she would not sign and that they will keep her rate of pay or else she will go back to PRN, so they kept her full time and kept her pay rate the same. UGH! I feel like I got screwed! Its not that I don't ever stand up for myself, but I also don't like to make un-necessary waves, especially at my job! Should I have refused for my pay to change? I just can't help wonder if this won't put some type of "target" on her back and they will try to get rid of her!? This happens sometimes when you do something to tick of administration....any thoughts!?
  2. wishinguponastarLPN

    So, who LOVES LTC?? I need inspiration!

    I noticed you have a Louisville Cardinal Avatar, are you from Louisville, KY? Just wondering because that is where I am and have worked in a few of the LTC facilities. With that being said, I personally enjoy LTC. When I was was looking into becoming a nurse I always said "I never want to work in LTC. Having the same residents, passing the same pills, omg how boring!" Well let me tell you that it is not! There is always something going on and you really grow to love these people. Not sure what the place is like where you are going but I have worked in a few place that I personally wouldn't put my worst enemy in. Those places usually pay really well, but you are going to work for that money. Staffing sucks and there are usually multiple falls, skin tears, wounds, ect. Even under those circumstances you come to love the residents. I currently work for a really nice facility. The pay is a little less but it is worth the paycut. I am able to actually spend a little more time with the residents and really make sure we are meeting their needs. The good thing about LTC is you can also get a routine down and it makes for a really nice shift. As an RN are you going to be on a cart or working as charge? Do they use CMT's (medicine tech)? Do you know how many residents you will have and how many nursing are on a unit and how many CNA's? These are all important things to know going into a facility. Good Luck!
  3. wishinguponastarLPN

    someone put soap in my drink!!

    I was really sick last night but feeling better. The ADON is ****** but says her hands are tied because my drink shouldn't have been at the nurses station in the first place!
  4. wishinguponastarLPN

    someone put soap in my drink!!

    So today was a typical day at my LTC facility. Lunch time was crazy so one person wen t and got lunch for several peoplce, me and the RN supervisor at at the nurses desk and workedas we ate. We them got up to leave the unit for a moment then returnced back the des k. We took at drink of our cokes ansomeone had put SOAP in our drinks!! OOMG we were so ******. I have no proof but I do think one certain employee did it to be spiteful! I
  5. wishinguponastarLPN

    NCLEX 2011

    VITAL SIGNS FIRST! ALWAYS pick the answer that allows you to do an assessment first. Plus the doctor is going to ask you for them anyway.
  6. wishinguponastarLPN

    provisional license question

    I have everything else completed and my fingerprint card just came back as unreadable and I have to redo it, will this delay my provisional license? My school should be sending transcripts this week.
  7. I went on an interview 2 weeks ago it went really well, he practically offered me the job in the interview. He had me do the drug screen and told me it took 5 days to get the results and I should hear back the next week. When I didn't hear back I called his receptionist and she said he was doing interviews all week. So I waited a week and called back today. His receptionist told me he was still doing interviews, and that he is interviewing until Aug 1st! She said, do you have another offer from another job or something that you need to know right away?? I said no, I'm sorry, he told me I would hear back the week after the interview, I didn't mean to bother you. She said oh ok, let me find out and I will get back with you. What is that all about? If he would have told me Aug 1st in my interview I wouldn't even start calling to follow up yet! Now I feel like I've blown it by bugging the receptionist!
  8. wishinguponastarLPN

    Hearing back from interviews

    call them and ask if the position is still available. If it is tell them you are still very interested.
  9. wishinguponastarLPN

    Anyone hiring new grads in Louisville?

    I'm a recent LPN grad here in Louisville, of course can't find a job just like the other 1,000 people that just graduated (exaggeration). Anyone know of a place hiring new grads?
  10. wishinguponastarLPN

    Calling about jobs?

    So I'm a new grad looking for a (LPN) job. I have heard a lot of people say they contact the facility directly. I live in a large metroplitan area and driving to over 100 LTC facilities isn't very practical so is it ok to just pick up the phone and call and ask if they are hiring new grads? Does this look lazy? Do I ask to speak to the DON or just ask the person who answers the phone?? I know this seems like a dumb question, but I'm just not sure how to go about this or what to say. Thanks:p
  11. wishinguponastarLPN

    annoying co worker

    Tell her to mind her own business!
  12. wishinguponastarLPN

    Unsupportive 'team' members

    I really don't think sending them home is going to solve the OP's problem. What happens the next they work together? You think all of a sudden the CNA is going to start working because she got sent home? Wrong. The CNA/CWJ is going to make the new grads life even harder! Be professional, and have the guts to speak the CNA and discuss the problems. Sending him/her home is only adding fuel to the fire.
  13. wishinguponastarLPN

    Unsupportive 'team' members

    Yes they are definitely testing you. I would sit each one down seperately and professionally discuss the issues you are having. Have your examples with you so you know what you want to speak about. Let them know there are 2 of them and you are always willing to help them do their job, but a CNA/CWJ cannot help you do your job and there are things you must complete in your shift. Let them know that speaking with a doc, doing a discharge, ect takes presidence over helping them sit patients up, helping with a bath ect. ESPECIALLY since there are 2 of them and only 1 of you. Be sure that you remain in control of the coversation, but always stay in a calm voice and allow your team member to voice their opinion. Nothing is worst then losing control, starting to yell, getting emotional, ect. You will lose even more respect. If you feel you need to, let your unit manager know that you have had this conversation to the CNA and CWJ and how it went, the outcome, ect. If things do not get better after that (even though I think they will) then go to your unit manager and speak to them about writing them up, ect. If you go directly to writing them up before speaking with them, you will not gain their respect and they will only resent you and things will get worse. There are a whole lot more CNA jobs out there than RN jobs, and they know they can always get another job. Good luck, and I hope things get better for you, hang in there!
  14. wishinguponastarLPN

    New Grad, not yet licensed with interview. HELP!

    everything went well in my interview! They had me go ahead and do the drug screen and told me I should hear by Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed!! Oh, and they do hire new grads!
  15. wishinguponastarLPN

    Kentucky State Reformatory, Lagrange KY

    Has anyone ever worked out at the KSR in Lagrange. Can you give any insight, like what its like, ect. thanks!
  16. wishinguponastarLPN

    Hoping for a job offer....

    :heartbeatGood Luck!:heartbeat