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  1. I got tricked!

    So a friend of mine started at a facility at the same time. We both were originally hired in PRN, then on our second day of orientation were both offered Full Time positions. I was hired 7a-7p on one unit and she was hired for 7p-7a on a completely d...
  2. So, who LOVES LTC?? I need inspiration!

    I noticed you have a Louisville Cardinal Avatar, are you from Louisville, KY? Just wondering because that is where I am and have worked in a few of the LTC facilities. With that being said, I personally enjoy LTC. When I was was looking into becoming...
  3. Reporting Abuse

    Let me clarify that I heard the CNA say "shut up before I smack you with this brief" to the RESIDENT. I did file an incident report with names and times. I also thought there was a 48-72 hour time on reporting the incident. The DON said it was my res...
  4. Reporting Abuse

    OK I am in a situation. Sunday night my floor was crazy! It seemed like every room had something wrong going on. To make matters worse we were short 2 aides. My RN supervisor can be a real a$$. He had been riding me for the past hour about some ladie...
  5. someone put soap in my drink!!

    I was really sick last night but feeling better. The ADON is ****** but says her hands are tied because my drink shouldn't have been at the nurses station in the first place!
  6. someone put soap in my drink!!

    So today was a typical day at my LTC facility. Lunch time was crazy so one person wen t and got lunch for several peoplce, me and the RN supervisor at at the nurses desk and workedas we ate. We them got up to leave the unit for a moment then returnce...
  7. NCLEX 2011

    VITAL SIGNS FIRST! ALWAYS pick the answer that allows you to do an assessment first. Plus the doctor is going to ask you for them anyway.
  8. ITT Tech Louisville

    Just realized my phone autocorrected my above post. It should say Spalding not Standing .anyway I got my Lpn at Galen and really enjoyed the program. I had planned to get my RN there but I'm about to run out of Fa money as I have a previous degree. ...
  9. This is illegal. Once you have your license in hand they must pay you at an RN rate They are trying to take advantage of you. .
  10. ITT Tech Louisville

    It is sooooo expensive! Like $600 a credit hour! For that much you can go go Standing University and get your BSN. Just saying...
  11. Most important thing to know in LTC

    Realize that a lot of new patients that are coming into LTC are younger with a lot of psych issues. Be sure to give them their meds! I can't tell you how many times I've been off the weekend and come back Monday and my psych patients are pacing the h...
  12. I LOVE nursing, and I LOVE allnurses

    As a fellow new nurse I want to say DITTO to your post! I also want to say dont let ANYONE crush your enthusiasm or compassion!
  13. Well...it's not really a Plastic Surgery Office. They do Botox Injections, LipoDissolve, Weight Loss Programs, ect. Plastics is an area I am interested in laster down the line after I get my RN so I thought this might be a good place to get my foot i...
  14. discovered and reported falsification of VS

    This CNA was wrong for falisfying VS records. However you are the professional and the one administering the med with BP parameters. If something was to happen it would come back on your license. With this in mind I would ALWAYS double check a VS no ...
  15. MR/MDD Nursing?

    So I am new grad who started in LTC about 6 weeks ago. The place I currently work is O.K....its the typically LTC place (poorly ran, short staffed, high pt ratios, ect) But I have grown to like my residents and the people I work with. I've actually ...