Has Spencerian gotten their RN program back?

  1. I was wondering if they have gotten their RN program back and if things have changed there since they were shut down a couple years back.
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  3. by   gabriella86
    A girl I met in CNA class just dropped out from Spencerian. She personally hated it there. She said it wasn't the curriculum itself but the staff and the administration. She also said that during clinicals they didn't do anything but take vitals and then sit around. She dropped out after the first quarter I believe. She didn't want to waste her money on that program. I think she said it was 30 grand a year, that doesn't sound right to me though.
  4. by   hoskid1
    I just graduated Dec 2008 and took & passed NCLEX Jan 14th from the RN program .I was told that they are on a "conditional status". I have not went to KBN web site to confirm this.
  5. by   cjw2006
    I attended Spencerian last quarter and withdrew within 2 weeks. The program cost $24,000 a year. The instructors didn't seem to understand how to teach the material, and couldn't answer the questions to the NCLEX study questions, even with the answers in the back of the book. The lab instructors looked at the students like an inconvenience whenever they didn't understand how to perform a skill. It was just a bigger headache than worth the money! They are still under conditional status, which means that if their upcoming pass rates aren't standard, they could still lose their accreditation. There have also been several complaints by students to the Kentucky Board of Nursing for investigation into their program. I don't recommend Spencerian to anyone. ( I am referring to the Louisville campus)
  6. by   gabriella86
    $24,000 a year sounds ridiculous. I'm paying about $17,000 a year and I think THAT is ridiculous.
  7. by   shelbee1084
    Everyone is going to have complaints about the school they went to. That's a given. I've heard bad things about JCC even, the only ADN program in kentucky that is actually accredited thru the nlnac. No school is perfect. Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to choosing a school and what matters is that you find one that fits you the best.
  8. by   SierraMoon
    Most, if not all, of the KCTCS ADN programs are accredited, not just JCC. I checked their website.
  9. by   shelbee1084
    Oh i meant in Louisville, Ky...not the whole state. sorry for the confusion!
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  10. by   shann106
    Most, if not all, of the KCTCS ADN programs are accredited, not just JCC. I checked their website.
    Be careful with that, from what the accrediation committee told us the college itself is accredited but not the nursing program.

    Spencerian has still not got their accediation back, they were on probation before it was offically revoked.
  11. by   shann106
    $24,000 a year sounds ridiculous. I'm paying about $17,000 a year and I think THAT is ridiculous.
    That is ridiculous when you can go to UK, EKU etc for under $7000 a year
  12. by   shelbee1084
    yes the schools themselves are accredited, but the nursing programs themselves are not accredited through the nlnac. they are all approved nursing programs through the kbn though. I called the kbn up and asked about the different lpn programs in louisville before I started anywhere. I am currently a lpn student at spencerian. I am in my 3rd week and so far, so good. I really like my instructors and all the staff and administrative people are very nice. as far as the rn program goes, it was never actually "shut down" what happened was that for a few weeks they weren't accepting any new rn students until they came back to the kbn with their program changes. there rn program is on a conditional basis, but so is galens, if you are interested in looking into the adn private school route. spencerian has gottena bad rep. from both the lpn and rn programs so if your nervous, i would suggest just going to the school and talking to the people there. not one school is the best fit for everyone. Good luck in whatever you decide!