Any New Grads finding it hard to find a job here in KY?

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    I graduated in May and have put applications everywhere I can think of. I want to work NICU as it where my passion has been for awhile, either that or newborn nursery. I've had thirteen years of LPN experience in adult acute care and geriatrics. I can't even seem to score an interview, but I can get dear john/jane emails. I am starting to apply out of state, even though I'll have to re-apply for licensure by examination to whatever state will give me a chance.

    Btw I have applied to things other than NICU, just can't seem to score a job. Anyone else having this problem? Most of my classmates that I know of had jobs lined up before graduation, and I started looking in Feb.

    Sorry, but I'm just so frustrated right now.

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    zooby- what area of KY are you in?
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    I'm in the Radcliff/Ft. Knox area. I've applied in Louisville, Owensboro, Bardstown, Elizabethtown, and Lexington.
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    Have you made out a resume that highlights your experience/skills? I can't imagine you not getting a job around here as a RN. If you're not even getting interviews, maybe it has something to do with your resume?

    Try posting your resume on careerbuilder:

    Lots of employers/recruiters do resume searches there. You can do a job search there, too.

    Good luck to you!
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    I have my resume up on both careerbuilder and I've revised my resume several times. It was originally 3 pages and I finally got it down to 1. I have one for NICU and one for general nursing, complete with cover letters. I complete job history as an LPN leaved a little to be desired, but I'm hoping someone somewhere will give me the chance to prove myself. I've pretty much given up applying to Norton Healthcare as everytime I do, I get a declination letter the very next day...each and every time I apply and I'm a former employee.

    I know I'll get something. I did have an interview 3 weeks ago in Lexington. I'm just trying to find out the status of my application. I'm calling again tomorrow. Its not the unit I want, but at least its one I enjoyed working as an LPN.

    Most of the calls I'm getting from are for staff agencies that want me to have a years RN experience first. Some are placement agencies, and I have to have my license first for they say.
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    You may be having a hard time finding a job in NICU because you do not have experience working with newborn babies/pediatrics. It's very hard to land a job starting off in NICU as a recent grad. You only have experience in adult care/geriatrics. Try applying for jobs in that. Then once you land a job as a geriatric nurse, you may want to inquire with your employer how you can obtain experience working with newborn babies.
    Hope that helps!
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    The places I've applied to do hire new grads in the nicu, but I also graduated at the same time as most every other in the state LOL. I did have an interview 3 weeks ago on a telemetry unit, I called the manager for an update today and found out I do indeed have the job. He's been waiting for a specific req # to open to put me into it for night shift, but so far it hasn't been keyed in. So he called me back again this afternoon and asked if I was willing to work days during my orientation period, about 6 weeks (longer depending on how long it takes me to register for and take/pass boards). So now to wait for the official salary quote so I can start the pre-employment process. :hngon:

    It may not be what I want, but it does get my foot in the door for later. And right now I really need to study to pass boards instead of worrying about job hunting. Granted, now I need to find a place to live as a 90+ mile commute one way is not feasible.
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    Congrats, zoobyli!!! Tele is a great way to get your foot in the door for critical care.
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    Quote from BBFRN
    Congrats, zoobyli!!! Tele is a great way to get your foot in the door for critical care.
    Thanks. I just wish HR would hurry up and give the manager a salary quote so I can be officially offered the job. I mean he's compteted my references, so all I need is the offical offer so I can take the drug screen and do the background check. This waiting is so frustrating.
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    I'm in the Bowling Green area..I have had a terrible time finding a job. I am a brand new RN, with 1 month exp. and 1 year CNA experience..I am starting to worry. I just moved here Saturday but I have been looking since April. I am limited with working because I will be going to school for my bachelor's..and all that's open is night shift..I want to go to grad school. Grades are important to me...I'm almost tempted to just work at a random place. I'm very frustrated.

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