International Nurses, Tell us about your sucessful journey!

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    Over the years, the International Forum has been filled with people who have planned on migrating to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Norway, Sweden, etc.

    We've never heard back.

    Tell us of your journey, how has learning Norwegian, Dutch, Finish, etc gone? Has the transition been as easy as people posted it would be?
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    Yeah I would like hear from people that have sucessfully made the leap to another country.

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    Well I am one

    Started the process several years ago for the US, got caught up in retrogression. Husband started working for a company that had offices in various countries back in the UK and was given the opportunity to come to Canada on a TWP. Arrived here back in 2008, started nurse application with CRNNS and after finally meeting their requirements (not complaining) passed CRNE and have been working in LTC since 2010. Started PR application in 2010 and finally received notice that PR has been approved and just waiting for piece of paper so I can officially land and become a PR

    The US was cancelled and we are so happy to be here in Canada and will be applying for citizenship as soon as we can
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    Sounds like you are very happy in your new home. You shared your journey here and it was wonderful. It sounds like your journey was make a new life in either Canada or USA.

    With all those other posters who you help, it would be rewarding to hear their stories of success. I would be interested in hearing how others are finding their new homes in Canada and USA. For example did the move meet their expectations? What challenges did they have? Do they miss their former homeland?

    Lots of energy goes on this forum answering questions, but unlike other areas of this forum, posters never follow up ? Did they get a license? Did they get a job? How is their family adapting to their new home country?

    Posting there success stories will help all the hopefuls how to know how long their immigration journey will be.
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    I'd be really interested in reading immigration success stories too.

    My move from Florida to Alberta was easy since I'm a Canadian citizen and I met the education requirements for Alberta LPNs.
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    I would love to hear more sucessful journeys about nursing in other countries!
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    I would also love to hear stories about nursing in other countries... successfull or unsuccssfull just post it here... after all friends are for sharing both happy and sad times... with just 5+ comments for this post i guess everyone is pretty busy at work after migration... well, we are waiting... and will keep waiting for your stories...
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    all is well for nurses... no matter where you go, there will be jobs waiting... Im happy to hear your story silverdragon... wishing you and your family the very best in canada... by the way which part of canada are you in?? hope the whether is okay there... regards...
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    We had a lovely 4-5 inches of snow fall yesterday, weather not too bad and live on the east coast. Appointment to finally land in 2 weeks weather permitting
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    I believe it was a year ago that a member who was from Russia posted about her successful immigration to Canada, but then she disappeared, never to be heard from again. I think she only had two posts and I was wary about her story . I would like to hear more success stories from members who regularly post.
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