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I remember going to the Peds floor, to meet my new little patient. My first look at the tiny little one will be forever in my mind. She was so small, and my heart melted when I looked into those beautiful dark eyes. Her mother... Read More

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    Thank you for sharing! I remember telling my new hires that the day we cannot feel empathy for our patients is the day we need to look for a new career! Thank God for tears that water the flowers of caring in the gardens of our soul!
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    Sometimes the pain is just incredible. I am glad you were able to give her, and her mom, so much of yourself!

    I just read something today. It was a comic called "Family Circus," and a lady was asking the mother, "How do you divide your love between four children?"

    The mother said, "I don't divide; it's multiplied."

    I wonder if that's what it's like when you're a peds nurse.

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    You never see it with the cardiac kids. I work as a cardiac ICU nurse and have learned to never trust one of them.
    My first code/death in the unit was a three year old who I was preparing to send to the step down unit. He was on room air. Off IV meds. Sitting up in his bed and telling me about mickey mouse. Late that morning he went down and he went down hard. We got him on ecmo but his one little IV wasn't strong enough to sustain him through a resuscitation and he died from brain herniation a few days later.

    They are so good at compensating for their little hearts. They give us no signals until it's too late. Their sick little hearts go and go until they can go no more, sometimes we can get them back for a little while but many times we loose the battle. That little girl was lucky to have spent 4 months at home with her loving family and a sense of normalcy. You will remember her forever.
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    I'm so sorry. I'm not sure what to say. It is experiences like this that get me nervous about entering the profession. I'm not sure how I'll handle losing a child. BUT, I'm sure that there was nothing anyone else could have done to prevent this. And I believe that baby was lucky to have you as a part of her life while you could be. Take some comfort in knowing that while she was alive, she had a nurse who genuinely cared for her fighting for her. Sometimes that is all that can be done, and that is what you did.

    Thank you for being there for her.
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