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I remember going to the Peds floor, to meet my new little patient. My first look at the tiny little one will be forever in my mind. She was so small, and my heart melted when I looked into those beautiful dark eyes. Her mother... Read More

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    I'm still a nursing student, but this is definitely a reason why I could never do PEDs because I know for a fact that I would get emotionally attached when children are involved. It's just their innocence that gets to me for a number of reasons. I start my PEDs rotation in the fall too and I'm a little scared. (>__<)

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    This is a story of being a is all the joy and all the heartaches that get wrapped into a "job" like no other. I just don't think anyone outside of this career path could ever understand all that goes into it.

    OP - my tears and my prayers are with you and I hope you find peace knowing that YOU made a difference in this little girls life (and her families as well). What an honor we have to touch others so deeply and how easy it is to forget that sometimes in our day to day lives.
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    Thank you all for your kind words. It took me a few months to be able to write it all down, but it was like it wasn't finished until I did. She was a joy that will never be forgotten. As far as Peds goes, it was just something in my heart since I went to nursing school. I just love kids.
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    It takes a very special, kind, but strong person to do peds. It was always my dream to work with children ...and then I had my own child. Now every time I see a child suffering, I can't help to think about my own child and how I couldn't ever handle seeing my own child suffering the way some do. Thank you for sharing your story with us... I had to kiss and hug my baby after reading... just because!
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    Even as I read your story, I hold my little one just a bit tighter. As sad as I am reading this, I'm also glad she brightened the lives of all that came in contact with her. Thanks for sharing and for being a peds nurse. <hugs>
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    My eyeballs are sweating. You took such good care of her, and in doing so she died knowing that one more person loved her. You've given this family a great gift. Thank you.
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    God bless you and this little angel.
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    It is sooooo hard to type through this mist in front of my eyes........

    What a beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, and tender tale of the best (and worst) nursing has to offer. That little girl and her family were so blessed to have you as their nurse, OP. You will never forget them, nor they you, and one day your reward will be great indeed.

    Thank you for sharing this. I needed a good cry for some reason.....after reading this, I look awful but feel a lot better :kiss
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    how lucky that family is to have had you... your story has touched me deeply. i am greatly sorry for your loss, take care...
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    Currently a nursing student! You brought tears to my eyes. you are a wonderful nurse! God Bless You!!
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