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  1. by   brai9284rn
    I don't know if it is different at my hospital compared to others. But if we are busy, and somebody offers to give meds to someone or change a dressing or something for another nurse; sometimes we have to look in the computer chart. We will open up the chart and see what meds they are able to have or what kind of materials you need for the dressing. Is this any different than "peeking" at the chart. Technically, it is not your patient, but you are providing care for them. Any thoughts?
  2. by   Inori
    becareful what and how much detail you post here because nurses (your coworkers) also frequent this site and anyone with a passing knowledge of situation would be able to identify you. get a good book, NSO malpractice insurance, Good luck
  3. by   rn/writer
    If you were asked to assist or cover for another nurse and you looked up information for that purpose you should sign the chart and also note what you did. This covers you by showing that you had a legitimate reason for accessing the patient's information. Even so, I wouldn't go tip-toeing through the tulips. I'd stick to the areas that pertain to the current need or assignment (pain orders, dressing description, etc.) and leave the rest alone.
  4. by   anothergrumpyoldRN
    Funny how some hospitals take HIPAA very seriously, and some apparently thumb their noses at it.
    I looked at a thread in this group where a hospital requires their hospice staff to report patient/family information to the local law enforcement at time of death. But apparently yours will fire you for even accessing the data (which IS a violation as others have pointed out), even though reviewing interesting cases can be a good learning tool.
  5. by   krisiepoo
    you're so very lucky, I'm glad you got out of this with no damage... a whole slew of nurses were fired recently for doing just this thing.