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HIPPO Violations

  1. 12 i just saw an article on foxnews.com, and right down at the bottom, it mentioned that something was blah blah required by law...due to it being a hippa requirement.

    ugh. can't blame them, though, when even registered nurses on this forum regularly post about their own hungry hungry hippo violations.

    the irs list of americans who renounced their citizenship is required by law, in accordance with the health insurance portability and accountability act (hippa) of 1996, the site explains. this listing contains the name of each individual giving up his or her united states citizenship.

    please, nurses. don't enable the hippos. lead by example.
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    yep, if we could just teach the world that it is really [color=#b22222]hipaa ([color=#b22222]health [color=#b22222]insurance [color=#b22222]portability and [color=#b22222]accountability [color=#b22222]act)
    and not hippo or even hippa.
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    If only a group of hungry hungry hippos could eat every HIPPA ever written.
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    My pet peeve on this site: when nurses cannot properly identify the letters HIPAA. Glad I am not the only one that notices. My Leadership course professor literally misspelled HIPAA as HIPPA on several Powerpoint slides .. the same professor that is extremely picky with a recent writing assignment. We as a class pointed out to her during lecture that HIPAA was spelled wrong. Vindicated!
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    One of my pet peeves as well!!!! HIPAA!!!!
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    I really enjoy that they correctly say it's the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and then call it HIPPA. What does expatriation have to do with HIPAA, though?
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    You know what drives me even battier than reading it (HIPPA) on here? When management sends out emails and gets it wrong!!!!!
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    Poor Hippo. What did it ever do to anyone? It really doesn't deserve this.
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    Having saved my homecare employer $20,000 performing HIPAA assessment of agency processes, I perfected it's spelling typing acronym 500 + times.

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    No citizens aren't eligible for Medicaid/Medicare, maybe?
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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Having saved my homecare employer $20,000 performing HIPAA assessment of agency processes, I perfected it's spelling typing acronym 500 + times.

    But apparently, not your use of apostrophes. :P
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    Yep, love it when the big wigs mispell it and then look at me like I am wrong trying to explain their mistake!
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    Administrators and educators who do that make me feel unsettled. One of those things that just shouldn't happen, along with calling a cap a "hat". ﹌﹌shudder﹌
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