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So I went to clinical prep yesterday and my husband accompanied me up to the unit. As I did my prep he sat by me playing on his iPhone. Anyway someone(s) told my instructor that he was there and that I was supposedly showing him... Read More

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    He could have stayed in the cafeteria, or near the coffee shop, if that hospital has a coffee shop.

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    Quote from netglow
    You could have left him home with a sitter... or given him some money to go get a candy bar and sit in the lobby and play with his phone or something till you were done. I supposed to get a sitter for my husband when I leave him at home??? I am surprised no one has called CPS on me.

    Sorry, I thought this thread could use some comic relief.
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    Quote from w.ross1990
    Thank you, you are the only one to not chastise me. I realize I made a mistake. I brought him to the hospital because we have one car and I had to pick him up from work and then go to prep before going home I live almost 20 minutes away from my clinical area and we pass right by it on the way home.
    No one else is being unkind to you. I think many of us were concerned that you weren't understanding why this is a big deal. I don't think anyone is actually rooting for you to get the boot. We just want you to state your case appropriately to the board and learn from it.

    Constructive criticism is not the same as being chastised.
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    I hope you won't be thrown out. You messed up, and you have to deal with it. From my perspective you deserve a reprimand, and a severe one. I don't think you should get thrown out. Never know what the powers that be will do. Hope it goes your way.
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    Quote from w.ross 1990
    Thank you, you are the only one to not chastise me. I realize I made a mistake. I brought him to the hospital because we have one car and I had to pick him up from work and then go to prep before going home I live almost 20 minutes away from my clinical area and we pass right by it on the way home.
    Obviously this was a mistake. But I have worked places when some one's husband brought in lunch or the baby during lunch to the unit, they stay out of the nurses station and they quickly went into the break room. Being in a public area helps but in the future have him go to the cafe while you do your work with confidential patient data..... alone. I know that you take this information home and work at the table.....but taking him to the hospital upset the staff and you are a student. It makes people nervous.

    Be honest at the board. Acknowledge that you now realize that it was wrong to bring your husband along. You were together and on your way home and went right past the hospital so you decided to go in right then and being it was hot he came along. You were both in a public common area and at NO TIME was any patient information exposed or compromised. But what's done is done. Hindsight is 20/20.

    As you go forward tell them you will be more vigilant and will NEVER do this again. Tell them you have learned a valuable lesson. In Hindsight you realize that it was wrong to take him where you were and probably should have had him go to the cafe but he will no longer accompany you to the hospital at all. Emphasize this is your dream to be a nurse.

    Dress nice business. Little make up. Clean nails. Clean neat hair. Make good eye contact speak articulately and clearly. NO GUM!

    ....I am sorry this happened to you. There's a part of me that isn't outraged if you were really in a public area. If someone reported this to me a supervisor I would tell you nicely that it's frowned upon and sent him to the cafe to wait for you.

    Good luck!
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    Quite a lapse in judgement. Never bring ANYONE with you to your clinical site. Intentional or not, this was common sense. If there is no AC in the car, hubbie gets dropped at home and you get to come back alone.
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    Don't beat yourself to a pulp. You admit you made a mistake. I am sure you learned from it. Sounds like it was innocent that he showed up with you but (as you now know) should have been placed in the lunch room or somewhere where patient info wasn't within view (supposing he was sitting right next to you while doing your prep). As others have said be honest, tell them you have learned from your mistake make sure to have put something together to show this won't happen again. Like, how you will make sure for future preps you will either be driven there and left by yourself or just drive yourself. Take care!
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    where i went to school, where we sat to do this work was the waiting room for the floor....anyone could have shown up and sat there. I think the only mistake the OP made was having hub sit NEXT to her. If,in fact, he was.
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    Wow, what a crappy situation.
    I think that if the clinical prep area is a non secure location that anyone can access, then the hospital and the school need to rethink that setup! Patient charts should not be in unsecured locations, anyone could have seen them while you were doing your prep work.

    However, I also feel that bringing a spouse, friend, family member etc to work with you is completely unprofessional. It is not like you are working in a restaurant and he is grabbing dinner. I understand that you were not actually "working" but just doing your prep, still not very professional to have him with you.

    Good luck! Let us know how it all turns out.
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    I guess it was an unfortunate situation you put yourself in, but I assume you know that by now. Apologize for your mistake and explain that you understand it was inapropriate. I think most people can understand a mistake, we all make them. Try really hard not to be defensive and own your behavior. Good luck.
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