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Greetings! Many of you know that I have struggled for most of my life with compulsive eating and weight issues. I got my start way back in the 1960s, growing up with an overweight mother who... Read More

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    madwife, is it the ideal protein diet started by some asian doctor that I just found online?? If so, where do you get your supplements, etc?

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    Quote from truern
    Hi, my name is truern, and I'm a binge eater. Just this week I was PMing with another poster and confessed that I had to buy another birthday cake for my daughter because I ate the other one in two days. I'm an RN..I know better. I'm diabetic..I *really* know better. Sigh.

    I hereby apply to be a member of the "weigh" out group. I pledge to immediately PM a member of the group when tempted to binge. I pledge to be a willing listener to any of the group that needs encouragement.
    That is a GREAT idea, truern!! If it can work with AA members---and I know it does---there is no reason it can't work with us compulsive eaters.
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    Quote from truern
    madwife, is it the ideal protein diet started by some asian doctor that I just found online?? If so, where do you get your supplements, etc?

    I dunno if he is Asian but I get my supplements from work, an RN there who started the diet herself and lost 96lbs is our instructor and mentor. I know it comes from Canada and that she has the supplies shipped in, it is not cheap but the results are amazing. You do however have to have willpower. There are about 12 of us at work who are on this diet all with amazing results-I havent been weighed in about 2 weeks so I dunno what I weigh now all I know is my clothes are falling off me. I was never bothered about how much Ilost just that I looked better. there is a web site but I dunno the name plus as a moderator I could not provide this anyhow.
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    So, what do y'all eat?
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    I've been thinking about this thread for the past week. I know I should diet, I've been gaining since I started the new desk job a couple of months ago.

    I miss doing things like I used to, and so I decided to start with exercise instead of big changes in my eating. This Zumba looked like so much FUN, I thought I'll buy the DVD and try it. I was chair-dancing to this utube video:
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    I bought a couple of "Dancing With The Stars" DVDs. I was a dancer in my teen years, and I remember it as NOT feeling like make-work exercise---it was fun! Anyway, I've long wanted to learn some of the Latin ballroom dances, and I was going to reward myself with lessons if I ever got myself down to a halfway decent weight. It hasn't happened, so I'm going to start with baby-steps and try learning some of the moves at home.

    BTW: I'm down four-pounds-and-change just this week, but better yet, I FEEL better having gotten all the crap out of my system and eating better food! What a difference---I've got more energy at work, and no longer feel like something the dog found under the house when I get home at night.
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    Can I join this thread too please. At Christmas I weighed in at 14 stone (197 pounds) I realised that I had become obese, clinically and physically. No excuses really, I've always been a big girl and I adore food. I can sit down and eat one of the big bars of chocolate without batting an eyelid, a box of cakes would be gone in minutes. I have spent years telling myself that I am happy with my size but as I have got older my joints are starting to creak and I am no longer as fit as I once was. Even being big I could still climb a mountain, but with my knee problems in the last few years the weight has crept up as my activity has decreased. Unfortunately my eating habits haven't changed and I am finding I am less able to do the activities that I love.

    3 weeks ago I decided I'd had enough, I hadn't weighed since Christmas and now I do want to be small again ( i haven't been small since I got married 10 years ago), I want to fit into those clothes I haven't worn for years and I want to be able to wear a swimsuit on holiday without wearing shorts because my tummy fat hangs out.

    What a wonderful picture I have painted for you all I hope you all get the picture

    I have never done diets, no will power, love food and I'm grumpy when I'm hungry.

    So family warned I have started something called the diet chef. It's restricting calories and eating healthily. As I said I started 3 weeks ago and haven't cheated once.

    I am allowed granola for breakfast, a cereal bar for a snack and soup for lunch. I have a evening meal which is between 300 - 400 calories and in total I have been eating 1200 calories a day. I am permanently hungry and obsessed with food, no sooner have I eaten what I am allowed I am getting the next meal out and thinking about it. I am really struggling and the temptation to go and eat that chocolate that is on top of the cupboard is almost too much. I'd love to throw it out but it's my little girls and she'd sulk.

    So I really need some support and encouragment to keep me on track, on weigh in today I am 13 stone 1 (182 pounds) so it is working I just need to keep it up. I want to be down to at least 12 stone (168 pounds) which seems so far away.
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    I don't think I had mother issues as much as I had father issues. My dad always made me exercise. He always made comments to me about how big my thighs were and did so a few times when I was twelve. I never wore a bathing suit around him again and it's probably why I don't have such a great relationship with him. I was heavy as a child and through out my teens, I lost weight before my senior year and then gained it back times five in college. I weighed 180 lbs in 2002 and 7 years later I weighed 304.

    Yes, I have low self esteem, yes I have low self-confidence but in my personal life, not my work life. I can't stand people who think if they make snide remarks to fat people that it will motivate that person to lose weight. It doesn't do nothing for me except make me withdraw from people more.

    I came to the realization that I'm slowly killing myself. I missing out on a lot of fun things because I'm fat and overweight. I couldn't handle it anymore so I decided to consider bariatric surgery. Yes, I tried every single freaking diet out there and I'm sorry diets just don't work. That's the problem with this society, we all want some instant gratification. If I didn't lose weight fast enough, i got depressed and ate some more.

    Anyhow, my surgery is in two months. I've lost 9.5lbs and I need to lost ten more before surgery. I know that I will lose weight and be a skinny B but I will never forget where I came from.

    For those trying to lose weight, I recommed keeping a diet diary. I also recommend Muscle Milk 100 calorie-lactose/suger free protein shakes in chocolate. It's imperative to get enough protein, at least 60-80 grams. Eat every two hours and make sure you keep your diary.
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    OK, y'all got me going here. I ate better yesterday than I have been.

    Not being able to breathe at night is quite a good motivator.
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    Can I join. I REALLY need to get going on the weight loss thing. Granted right now, affording to eat is my main issue. ALso right now STRESS, stress about my upcoming move. So, yeah I stress eat some seriously not good for me stuff....mainly chips. I must start eating better snacks for starters.

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