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I have been working nightshift for a few years now. I live in a dreary northeastern part of the country. Not many really sunny days. It gets dark early and light late in the autumn and winter. Sometimes, I would occasionaly see... Read More

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    Quote from froggy8
    At times I do feel this way!
    I don't know about you but I'm a vampire and will sparkle in the sun

    I have been on night shift for a year now and loving it. HOWEVER I do fear for my vit D levels. I recently bought a bottle of vit D3 2000 IU. I haven't started taking it yet though and am still thinking about it. I'm not even sure what dosage I need.... any advice??

    Hope everyone is enjoying the sun! even you vampires out there!

    Have your vitamin D level checked by your doctor.

    It's better IMO to use sunscreen than to later end up with skin cancer.

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    I sleep in a completely quiet and totally dark room, thanks to my husband's ingenuity with thick black trash bags and duct tape!

    What doesn't work though is weekends or holidays when my husband considers childcare is taken care of because I am home. On a day after night shift I should not be considered "at home" because I cannot sleep and take care of our kid at the same time. Something to consider when making your plans, Sweetpeamama. IMO night shift only works if your sleeping time and place is "sacred" - no interruptions, no expectations, your sleep being the #1 priority.
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    Working nights with a family or a partner on days would definitely be more challenging. The reason why permanent nights works for me is because I have no attachments at the moment.

    Sleep is a priority when I'm working, as well as the first two days I'm off. I rarely get sick because I make sleep a priority. I don't know about the rest of you, but it takes me three days to fully recover from my shifts.

    This weekend, we've had beautiful sunny days so I've made a point of getting up and going out. Otherwise, I can easily sleep 8-10 hours on days off.
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    Late comment to anotherone.

    I had to giggle at your comment re the colors and the leaves on the trees. I've noticed the same things after working app 100 hours in 10 days, then sleeping it off, and switching to being a day-timer during my time off. I'm amazed at all of the traffic during the earlier parts of the day and the brightness of the sun (I live in Texas), and just the LIFE that is out there.
    I walk my dogs twice a day, and wear dark sunglasses and a hat with a wide brim to decrease the glare. My neighbors must think I'm a kook. I'm just not used to being in bright sunlight! Hopefully, the dog walking gets me enough sun exposure, for at least 1/2 of the year anyway.

    viva la nightshifters!

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