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  1. Question to all nurses who work in Psych

    VegGal, Can't speak for all inpatient settings but in the 3 that I have worked in, "med passes, initial assessments, ongoing assessments, monitoring clients and documentation" just about sums it up, in addition to admissions, discharges, and going ba...
  2. Psych Nurse Report Sheet

    I got a blank page when I opened it?
  3. 22,000 Nurses Refuse *Mandatory* Vaccinations

    This is EXACTLY what happened to me. And yes, I know that a killed virus cannot give me the flu. But what a coincidence - the ONLY time I have the flu in 37 years is shortly after the ONLY time I had the flu vaccine. My theory - and it's just a theo...
  4. Does anyone use nursing diagnoses in mental health care anymore?

    Yup! Better still, they are supposed to be updated every shift, section by section. Makes for a lot of documentation busywork and nobody cares what they say. :/
  5. Home Health Psych Nurse

    I'm just starting out in home health psych - transitioning from inpatient psych. Hoping you get more responses since I'm still in training and had some of the same questions and concerns as you do. My agency seems to have mostly patients with schiz...
  6. Code blue on psych floor

    OMG. "Is it for real?"! How traumatic for you!
  7. Spanish resources for psych nursing?

    As a last resort, if you have a laptop, take it over to the kid and start using Google Translate. You will get some funny looks from him because the translations can be pretty hilarious and awkward, but at least he will get the gist of what you're tr...
  8. I need some input...

    Whispera, you have helped so many for so long. Thank you. I am much less experienced than you but feel free to PM me.
  9. Is specialized training required?

    Do yourself a favor and get this book and read through it cover to cover: Inpatient Psychiatric Nursing: Clinical Strategies & Practical Interventions: 9780826109712: Medicine & Health Science Books @ It is the best "training" yo...
  10. scheduled meds with prns

    So much depends on the individual patient, and what their body can handle. Some of them can have enough antipsychotics to slay a horse and still be walking around quite calmly. Some of them need it to stay in control. And then again, some are med-see...
  11. I handled this poorly. What would you do?

    As someone said, hindsight is 20-20. So in the situation I would probably have said "This is completely inappropriate, and frankly pathetic and ridiculous. What exactly are you hoping to get out of this?" Then I would have reported it to the supervis...
  12. Like this stuff:
  13. That's what I've been hearing recently. That it's unrealistic for patients on acute inpatient units to expect a one-to-one check in with staff each shift, or individual patient education. That these days its all done in groups. And the depression/an...
  14. Innovative Mental Health Care

    OMG! Where is this wonderful unit you speak of? Sounds great!
  15. Good books on psychiatric nursing?

    Here's one I think is very good - very practical and geared towards real life inpatient psych. Its called... Wait for it... Inpatient Psyhiatric Nursing! By Linda Damon et al. If you get only one book for inpatient psych, this should be it! Inpatien...