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Life, as my grandmother used to say is a very odd little duck......you live through five or six decades, fashioning an existence that (hopefully) reflects your values, and learning to be at peace... Read More

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    Why don't you retrain as a dental assistant or something.

    Less pay probably but not all that anxiety, stress, responsibility and liability.
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    I understand the feeling of loyalty to your employers and coworkers, and the pain of having to make a decision to change your path. I believe that in the end, you should not sacrifice your health and mental well-being for a job, even if it has been a vocation for you. This is what led me to change careers and head toward nursing.

    I wish you peace and comfort as you navigate this crossroads in your life.
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    Your posts have inspired me for a few years now. You have such kindness in your heart. You are a good person and deserve to be happy going into work everyday. Something better is out there for you. You can not watch every single person in your facility every second to make sure that they do not make a mistake when State is in surveying your facility, I am sure you did the best you could. Keep your chin up Viva!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you for sharing this!
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    You know what's funny.......during my grilling session with the surveyors, I was joking around a little and told them I'd almost gone over to the "dark side" a few years back. They grinned and one person said in all seriousness, "Hey you could still come over to the dark side, we have openings." I can think of worse fates.
    State or JACHO? Doesn't matter.....I have to secretly share...it's not a bad gig....
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    At 63 yo, I'm finding that sheer fatigue is really affecting my ability to do my job competently. While neither emotionally nor financially ready to retire, I've had to ask myself whether I want to end a 40+ year career by causing harm or getting fired. It kind of put it into perspective for me and by August I'll either be part time or resigned, depending on which way my DON jumps.

    Here's a thought - maybe mgt would consider accepting a resignation then hiring you as a consultant to help your replacement get thru the next survey ... You get out from under and facility still gets the benefit of your expertise. And you wouldn't be leaving your coworkers and residents in the lurch.

    Whatever ... The idea of a consulting gig or "going to the dark side" seem promising.

    Am thinking the good thought for you!
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    I remember reading something Mother Theresa suppsedly said in response to the saying, "God only gives us as much as we can handle." Mother Teresa's reply, "How strong does he think I am?!" Fitting, I think. Best wishes.
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    God has reasons for everything , even the smallest thing He placed here on earth - He does it for a reason....
    and .... even in the worst situation in our life ,there is wisdom that He wants you to understand. Trust Him with all your heart because He loves you...
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    Thank you ALL for your support and kindness. Trust me, it's good to be validated, to know that I'm NOT crazy---that nursing really is stressful and one must practice good self-care in order to survive and thrive in it.

    I met yesterday with my administrator and two of the corporate folks I know well, and the four of us had a productive and even friendly discussion. They are actually very concerned about me, and as much as they want me to stay on (nobody's talking about firing, in fact they were hoping I could help them out at a couple of our sister facilities until they learned of my illness) they don't want me to return until I'm 100% again. None of them thinks a week is enough, and reluctantly, I have to agree......all it takes to trigger the anxiety is hearing from my son about what's going on there.

    Guess I need to tell him not to say anything about work, as curious as I am.....Lord bless him, he thinks he's doing me a favor by keeping me posted. Simply hearing about the residents and families who stress me out the worst makes my stomach start knotting up and my breathing shallow and raspy again---not good.

    But, tomorrow is another day, and it's the day for my doctor-ordered trip to the coast, where I am to walk on the beach with my husband and watch the sun set. (I rather like his prescriptions---he also wants me to reward myself with a Hawaiian vacation when I reach my initial goal weight of 250 lbs. ) The seashore is the place I love more than any other on earth......the soft breeze in my hair and sunlight on my face, the roar of the ocean, and even the screeching of seagulls bring peace to my soul and calm to my fevered brain.

    It's exactly what I need right now; what's sad is I probably wouldn't have allowed myself this pleasure if my doctor hadn't told me to go, and then take pictures as proof that I've followed his orders. Guilt is a powerful de-motivator, and I've got it in spades!
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    Viva, there is nothing wrong with taking a medical leave of absence while you seek treatment. You may have a treatable disorder (as was the case for me when I "hit the wall" several years ago). However, the beach holiday sounds like a great way to recalibrate your heart. It is O.K. to postpone decissions until you feel better and can think more clearly.

    Best wishes Viva. Believe me, you are NOT alone. The only difference between you and many others is that you had the clarity, honesty, and courage to reveal this about yourself while most of us do not.
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