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I have to say, throughout the day and the more I talk the yuckier my mouth feels. Gum is out of the question and I dont't always have the time to brush my teeth every few hours. How do you keep your breath fresh for 12 hours?... Read More

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    Another vote for being dehydrated here. Same happens to me.

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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Not funny. Any excuse to take a shot at older nurses these days, eh?
    Honestly, no offense was intended. I'm sorry this bothered you, it was meant to be witty, not mean. I have the utmost respect for those who have been working in the field for any period of time. I guess I rated it along with blond jokes (my natural hair color.)
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    I get those when I eat a lot of bread/pretzels things like that. Drinking water definitely helps, as does tongue scraping. I've heard it is bacterial buildup, but I am convinced it is some kind of fodder in there (such as bits of bread/crackers/pretzels) that the bacteria attacks and it just builds up until it gets coughed up. Super gross...but best thing to do is tongue scrape, drink water, avoid sugary and bready things or reduce your intake of them. Brush after having bready or sugary things.
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    Drink lots of water! Helps with saliva production. Halitosis is a result of dry mouth...so suck on hard candies if you need to, drink drink drink drink. Brush on your break if you must. If it continues to be a problem it may be a medical issue that needs to be seen by a phyiscian. But really, we are not here to give medical advice...but sometimes it can be solved with just drinking more water!

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