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I do 11-7 for the first time tomorrow, I've seen yesterday's LPN who worked 11-7 marked off the med pass for 7am for today. ex. She did 11-7 on 3/14/13 and she signed off the 7am med pass for 3/15/13. I thought the 7-3 shift did... Read More

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    thank you everyone and also to caliotter3 for your very informative comments! it definitely will help me out

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    There shouldn't be meds scheduled for 7am.

    One of the more ridiculous aspects of LTC are those facilities that have meds scheduled at 7am.... and 8am..... and 10am.

    Except in very few isolated cases, there's no need for any shift to have more than two med passes. Ever.
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    Quote from keepitsimple0025
    i have a lot of meds due at 7am tomorrow morning, im thinking of starting 7am am med pass at 330am, is that ok? i think it is because all the other shifts i give out the meds early but i just wanted to make sure. thank u guys for the replies
    Synthroid should (ideally) be given in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast and should given at the same time each day (or as close to the same time as possible). If a resident gets their Synthroid at 0630 from one nurse and then they get it at 0330 from you, then that isn't close to the same time each day. You also have an hour window to administer meds, whether it is before or after. I would personally be upset if you woke me up at 0330 to give me my Synthroid.
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    Speak to the 7-3 shift to find out the usual routine for the 7 am pass. 7 am is a really weird time for meds IMO; I've seen 6 am for Synthroid and some q 6 or q 8 hour meds only. By far the largest pass of the day is from 8 am-10 am. Second largest pass is usually the 4 pm-6 pm pass. With the HS meds and 1 pm meds being smaller, and the 6 am pass being the smallest of all.
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    You can't give a 7 am med at 3:30. You can give it anytime between 6 and 8 and technically be on time. Tnis is one of the most archaic rules most of us still have. Meds shouldn't be written for 7. And I am in full agreement with the posters here.....please don't wake me up at 3:30 am to give me medication ever, unless it is a true emergency, and even then, I'd think twice!!
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    where I am (LTC), the 11- 7 nurse does it. The 7-3 nurses come in between 7 and 7:30, depending on their situation (taking kids to daycare, etc) and don't officially get report and start until 7:30 or later.
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    My facility tries to avoid meds at 0700...or at any shift change for that matter. There's enough going on at shift change as it is without having to dole out meds.

    But sometimes it's unavoidable, so if we do have 0700 meds, it's usually the night shift that will give them.
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    55 patienst? Then don't do it. Speak with a manager to let them know you cannot possibly do a whole pass for a large number of patients and leave on time. I doubt they would think you are responsible for that pass anyway. I never see 7 am med pass being done by the night nurse. The timing is usually 6am.
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    The 11-7 shift covers all meds from 2300-0659. So no 7 am meds for night shift.

    First off, clarify the policy at your work before you decide to pass 0700 meds. If they are yours, start at 0600. Not 0330 (to the poster who suggested that).
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    Quote from keepitsimple0025
    i have a lot of meds due at 7am tomorrow morning, im thinking of starting 7am am med pass at 330am, is that ok?
    I thought OP was being facetious. But I suppose that's the predicament you face with meds scheduled at change of shift! How absurd.

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