Sex offenders/ residents screening?

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    Is there a regulation that facilities must screen residents for this? Differ by state?

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    As far as I know, when they screen a person for placement the only things they look for is current behaviors (how they behaved during the assessment), level of care needed, and level of Alz. In LTC I have had residents who have histories of sexual offences, when I questioned thier placement with us, I was told just to watch them carefully. If all LTC screened for physical violence, sexual offences etc... these people would not be able to be placed, so my understanding is that it is not supposed to be looked at. I could be wrong tho, it wouldn't be the first or last time.
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    I don't think there is a reg for this either, just wondering if I missed it. Yeah, you can do a good bit of screening at the hospital and read the chart etc, but sometimes these behaviors show up and you wonder if they have a past that was hidden.

    It just seem more and more you are hearing of these incidents in the news where a resident has attacked another resident. I'm not talking about an alzh resident, but someone who is with their right mind. Then you find out later they have a past history of this with or without a criminal record.
    I know you can't deny care to the sick, but at what expense of the other residents?
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    The facility usually leaves it on the staff to watch and divert when necessary. It makes for a very busy shift, I've had pts sneaking into others rooms & steal things, try to watch the ladies get undressed, once had one try to convince a confused resident to go have "a good time" with him. But, it's our job to police the patients to ensure they are safe from the opportunists. If anything happens, guess who gets blamed.. the Nursing staff for not seeing it and stopping it. Gotta love LTC!
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    Some facilities must do some sort of screening of some sort because there was a facility that denied a person because they had an outstanding warrant. But this guy can't walk and needs care 24/7 so it's not like the jail would even take him.
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    I suppose denying a potential resident with a sex offender past could be considered discrimination in some sick way!
    Worked at a long term care facility years ago. Male resident in his 50's, post CVA, every single morning I had to give him meds and would find him with his penis hanging out of his underwear. He WAS aware and even acknowledged by stating the obvious. Reported it to wife, THEY (husband and wife) made a complaint to the state about me. I did excellent charting for weeks and state found no substance to their complaint.

    I know this is more than what you asked but if you are ever involved, DOCUMENT behaviors, no matter how insignificant you think it to be.
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    I think all the sex offenders are going to work for the TSA!
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    I worked at a LTC which had a high risk DD sex offender. He had to have 1:1 supervision 24 hours a day. He did not have a CNA assigned to him. He had some kind of a low level security staff member with him 24 hours a day.
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    In order to keep residents safe we do background checks on all potential staff, why not do them on residents as well?
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    I've been doing LTC since forever and I can't figure out how we are supposed to manage/ deal with these residents. Over the years, we've had residents that were supposed to be watched more frequently, but how the hey are you supposed to do that when you have xyz residents and staffing is how staffing is in LTC and half the time they are fully amblitory. You can put what every you want down on the paper (care plan) but is it going to be done?

    Thankfully, we have a good administrator that isn't afraid to suggest other placement for residents when we are unable to meet their needs.

    I'm sure over the years I've taken care of a sex offender maybe with or maybe without a criminal record. Now days these things are reported more but these "dirty old men" make me wonder.
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